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Why I Don’t Like Paper Blowing About!

Over the last few weeks, we have had it very hot some days and various people felt it was a good idea to open the kitchen door to the garden.  I don’t like it, as it tends to blow the odd bits of paper, such as newspapers, shopping lists and part-finished Sudoku that were lying about, all over the place! So now it’s colder, I’m glad to get the door shut again.

I was thinking about this a couple of nights ago.

As regular readers will know, my father was a letterpress printer.  Just as photocopiers do it sometimes, printing machines in those days were liable to monumental paper jams.  These were much more serious with those machines, as in bad cases they actually damaged the lead type.  Paper often went everywhere propelled by the feed mechanisms.  They were a time-consuming and dirty thing to sort out. I didn’t do that much machine minding, as he thought that a bit dangerous for a vhild, but say on Sunday mornings, when we were working in Wood Green, I would be called in, if the Thompson had had a major jam.

So perhaps all of that panic and flying paper has left a mark on my mind, and it is better to not let the paper start blowing about.

I don’t like draughts either and abhor the habit some people have of opening windows to let the air through.  If I want fresh air, I’ll go out and get it!

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