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Blair’s Extradition Legacy

If there was one awful legacy fromn the Blair years, it is the one-sided extradition agreement with the US.  Another story has surfaced in the papers today.

Nobody should be allowed to be extradited anyway without a proper hearing in a UK Court.

Let’s hope the Coalition repeal this law as soon as possible.

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Cider in Edinburgh

Proper cider is my long drink of choice and it seemed to be almost missing from Edinburgh pubs and hostelries.  Only as we were getting a bus late on Friday, did I find some Weston’s being advertised outside a J D Wetherspoon’s pub called the Alexander Graham Bell.

Now I’m watching Michael Portillo in Carluke and he is talking apple juice and cider.

So I searched and found this page on the web. But I can’t find his Carluke cider makers.

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Ipswich’s New Bridge

I noted in my piece on Temenos, that Ipswich hadn’t built any new structures like bridges in recent years. I was wrong, as Ipswich now has a new bridge over the Gipping named after Sir Bobby Robson.

The Sir Bobby Robson Bridge, Ipswich

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A Suffolk Punch at the Football

I’m not sure whether it’s ever been done before, but Easton Farm Park paraded a Suffolk Punch before the match at Ipswich against Burnley on Saturday.

A Suffolk Punch at Portman Road

He was extremely well-behaved.  If Ipswich had beaten Burnley rather than drawn, he’d have had to be there every week.

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No Left Luggage Facility at Ipswich

This could have caused me a problem, as I had my case with me. But luckily, the stewards at Ipswich Town let me take it inside after an inspection and I was able to put it underneath my seat.

I can remember when there were left luggage lockers at Ipswich Station. I bet I’m not the first, who could have been inconvenienced by their removal.

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How Trains Have Changed

I travelled down to Ipswich for the match against Burnley on Saturday, by changing from the East Coast train that had brought me from Edinburgh to the National Express East Anglia one that took me the rest of the way. The train was a comfortable Turbostar and I sat cosily in First Class, which is one of the perks of a Senior Railcard, as I get one third off. I had thought about sleeping, especially as Ipswich is the end of the line, but in the end I talked about football and trains to two drivers from East Midlands Trains, who were positioning back from Ely to Norwich.

It was a pleasant journey in rolling stock that is a far cry from what we used to have to endure.  We all had to agree though, that according to reports some of the newer trains that cross the Pennines are a lot better and have been consistently praised for the quality of the ride.

I arrived at Ipswich on time with ninety minutes before kick off after a six hour journey from Edinburgh.

A point to note is that the Felixstowe-Ipswich-Peterborough route is being upgraded to handle more and longer container trains to and from Felixstowe, by selective dualling of the line between Felixstowe and Ipswich and also between Soham and Ely.  It is estimated that this and other schemes will take almost 250,000 lorry journeys off the road. To me this is a good thing, especially as the cost is probably less than adding an extra lane to sections of the A14.  But there is a downside.  I was told that these heavy freight trains can damage the track and make the ride of passenger trains worse.

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Send For The Dutch

Blackpool has a problem in that they’ve now run out of orange paint. Apparently, it got worse when Blackpool beat Wigan in their first match in the Premier League

I think the Dutch ought to send some of their emergency supplies.

It strikes me though that it could be an opportunity for a great deal of fun and partying on both sides.

Do Blackpool have a Dutch branch of their Supporters Club?  I suspect that they will soon!

What is addiction to orange called?

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The Gilded Balloon

The Gilded Balloon is one of the main venues of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The GIlded Balloon, Edinburgh


I’m not sure, but I think it used to be the Student’s Union at Edinburgh University.  It certainly has that feel and is a friendly place.  I bought a coffee in the bar and the waitress offered to take it upstairs for me, as the stairs weren’t that easy.  Only a small thing, but things like this can make your day when you have problems.  I should say that since my return from the North, my arm is a lot better! 

I saw two other shows at the Gilded Balloon in addition to Jarlath Regan; Stripped and Lockerbie:Unfinished Business

As I have said in other posts Jarlath was funny and it cheered me to see someone, who I’d last seen at nine, perform. 

Stripped was very much worth seeing  and was a one-woman show describing the life of a stripper.  It was sad, funny and touching! 

Lockerbie was one of the most moving shows I’ve ever seen and it was about Dr. Jim Swire’s search for the truth about the death of his daughter in the Lockerbie Air Disaster.  My heart goes out to people like Jim who’ve lost children to violence.  I know that I’ve lost my wife and son to cancer, but in some way it’s not so bad for me, as both of them died bravely with the highest personal dignity. 

I have always believed that the Pan Am Bombing was revenge for the shooting down by the USS Vincennes of the Iranian Airbus. But that is not to absolve Libya for any of the acts that they committed like the shooting of Yvonne Fletcher. In that case, we should never have lifted the siege on the embassy, without a full investigation into who fired the shot.  It could also be argued that because we let diplomats and other foreign nationals act outside of the law, that others follow suit. 

Whatever we do with rogue states like Iran and North Korea, we must never go outside of the law and behave such as to give them justification for what they did. 

If you do get a chance go to see Lockerbie:Unfinished Business.

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Fast Food – Loch Fyne Style

When you are a coeliac, snack lunches or quick meals on the go are a real problem. At times, I’ve been reduced to Crunchie Bars, Kettle Crisps or even McDonalds fries. But I always yearn for something better.

Whilst getting tickets at the Gilded Balloon, my stomach asked for lunch and I walked alongside the side of the venue into the fast food area.

What caught my eye was a caravan from Loch Fyne Oysters.

Loch Fyne Oysters Caravan at the Gilded Balloon

I’m not into oysters and muscles, but they did have something deliciously different; kedgeree.

They just put a generous portion into a cardboard punnet and warmed it back up in a microwave.  Perhaps not very Gordon Ramsey, but it was certainly better and better for me than a greasy burger.

Let’s make kedgeree the fast food of the future.

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Gluten-Free in Edinburgh

Scotland on thewhole tends to be pretty coeliac friendly. On all previous trips since diagnosis, I don’t think I’ve ever had a problem finding good gluten-free food and this trip was no exception.

On Wednesday night, I was taken to Howies in I think, Alva Street.  It was good and they even had a gluten free menu.  They also hadn’t been warned to expect a coeliac, something that Gordon Ramsey himself, has said is to be recommended as everybody should benefit.

On Friday night, we went to The Outsider on the King George IV Bridge. This was good and I can’t remember if they actually had a gluten-free menu, but they knew what was gluten-free anyway. Incidentally, they don’t seem to have a web site and I couldn’t see a sign on the front of the building.  Perhaps that’s why they’re called The Outsider!

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