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How Not to Put in Bolts

In the previous post, I indicated that the new house has featured steel beams. The stair-case is also in steel and painted the same dark chocolate colour.

But look at this picture.

Bolts in a Staircase

My father would have said that this was probably put together by a one-eyed Irishman in the dark, as some are round one way and others are the other.  We may not blame others like we used to in the 1950s, but whoever put these in had no basic sense of design and order. I’d love to see the architect’s drawings, to see what they intended. Some bolts look to be a brass colour, so there might have been some instructions.

I will change them at some point, but whether I use brass, bronze, stainless steel or chrome, with or without cap nuts is a question that has to be decided.

Whatever I do though, I’ll put them in properly and in order.

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  1. That would drive me crazy! When we moved in here the previous owner had started to do it up, he had bought it cheaply when the owner died, aiming to do it up and make a profit. But he sold it to us half done. He had papered the bathroom wall, in a sort of zig zag pattern wall paper, and several of the strips where the wrong way up. It was subtle, but I could tell, and it really irritated me!

    Comment by liz | December 10, 2010 | Reply

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