The Anonymous Widower

A Previous White Christmas

All of this bad weather reminds me of a tale of getting home for Christmas in probably 1978.  I say probably as the BBC have said that that was a very bad winter. Ian, one of our consultants, was working in Amsterdam and joined the exodus with many fellow Brits back to the UK on Christmas Eve at Schipol.  But Heathrow was closed as many aircraft were frozen to the stands.  More by luck than judgement BA were able to get a Tri-Star to Schipol after finding out that East Midlands airport was free of snow. The jet then did several shuttles between the two airports to bring everybody home, albeit not to where they wanted to go.  BA also hired every coach they could find to complete the passengers’ journeys.

One version of the story says that the last flight came in at three in the morning of Christmas Day.

One gets the impression, that that sort of spirit no longer exists in our transport industry. Although as I said at the time, I’ll give credit to National Express East Anglia for getting me home on Saturday from Ipswich.

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