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Would Southeastern’s Proposed Battery-Electric Trains Be More Reliable In The Snow?

This article on CityMonitor, which is entitled No Trains South Of London During Cold Weather? Blame A Pair of Herberts For Choosing The Wrong Electrical System, explains it all.

The article was written in 2018 and these are the first two paragraphs.

As is often the case when the weather is below freezing, commuters around London are having a terrible time this week. The blizzard has hit services on all lines around the capital. Trains running towards the south and southeast have had the worst of it, with services cancelled on Monday before the full impact of the storm really hit.

It’s frustrating to compare the UK’s lack of readiness when extreme weather hits with services in Switzerland or Sweden, which cheerfully run in heavy snow conditions.

The article blames the poor performance on South London’s third rail electrification, which as the title suggests was chosen by a couple of Herberts.

Does anybody know of a child in the last fifty years, who has been called Herbert?

I shouldn’t be too hard on Herberts, as my paternal grandfather was a Herbert. But he was an alcoholic and died before he was forty.



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Why Don’t I Feel The Cold?

It’s been cold today in London, but I didn’t really feel it.

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The Spitalfields Snow Dome

Spitalfields have installed a snow dome for the season.

And it’s free to use.

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April Snows In Piccadilly Circus

I was going to Waterloo and the way I often go is to take the 38 bus to Piccadilly Circus and then get the Bakerloo line direct to the station.

But you don’t normally get snow showers in April!

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Times When I’m Glad I Don’t Own A Car – 2

Last night was cold and we only got a few flurries of snow.

But my gas kept coming through the pipe and the electricity kept coming through the wires.

For most of the last forty years, the worry was could the gas tanker get through the snow to the remote houses I lived in, in Suffolk.

As I don’t drive any more, I wasn’t tempted to venture out in the snow towards Sussex.

I suspect some of those who did, are regretting their actions.  After all, these days, there is no excuse not to know that bad weather in on the way.

I also wonder how many of those were commuting home from work.  I’ve never understood why anybody commutes, as I’ve worked at home since 1970!


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Palm Trees In The Snow

I should have taken this picture of the palm trees in Hackney, a couple of days ago, before the snow started to melt.

Palm Trees In The Snow

Palm Trees In The Snow

Although, it’s cold January day, the flowers are already out.

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A New Bus For London In The Snow

Coming back from Dalston Junction station, this morning after my circular tour, I took a New Bus for London to very close to my house.

Not only were the crew wrapped up well, but they had closed the rear door to make the bus more welcoming.

This is the first time, I’ve seen one running with the door closed. Before they were introduced, TfL said that they’d run with the door closed at night, but they have decided to make sure they are in bed soon after 20:00.

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A Circular Journey In The Snow

Very often on a Sunday I go across the Emirates Air-Line cable car, have a tea, coffee or lunch somewhere and then return home by a different route.

Today with all the snow, was just too good to miss.

My route was to walk to Dalston Junction station and then get a train south to Shadwell.  I then took the DLR from there to the cable car.  I came back via Canary Wharf, where I had a cup of tea and the London Overground back to the start.

The only problem, was that visibility wasn’t that good, but it was what the cable-car is for.  It must have felt pleased to be in the land of its birth; Austria.

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How To Do The Snow Delay PR

On the BBC London News, they’ve just had a spokeswoman from South Eastern Trains, apologising for all the delays last night and saying that although some got home late, they all did get home.

They may not be perfect, but at least they had the decency to face the press, which can’t be said for British Airways, who seem to be intent on committing suicide.

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An Advantage Of Living In A City

I’ve lived for forty years of my life in the country, where of course in weather like this you have to clear snow, so you can get into your house.

I’ve just walked down the road to get my paper and on the other side of the road, three workers from Hackney Council are clearing the pavement. They have a rather nifty pair of grit spreaders!

A Pair Of Nifty Grit Spreaders

A Pair Of Nifty Grit Spreaders

I suppose to be fair to the Council, they spent a lot of money replacing the pavements last year and they’re only protecting their investment.  And helping the residents’ balance!

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