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Why Women Cut Off Long Hair

There is an article in the Sunday Times, saying why women cut off their long hair.  I don’t know who writes this rubbish and I suppose I read it, but C and several other women I know cut their long hair, when they had a baby, as they didn’t like all the pulling.

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  2. Most women cut their long hair when they realise it is starting to be ageing. Fact. they may have had it short when children were at hair-pulling stage and then re-grown it again but long hair on old women is VERY unflattering in 99/100 cases and those who keep it long often do so only because their husband/partner likes it … and that’s usually because s/he still sees the young face s/he met so many years before rather thatn the reality.

    Comment by Karrie | January 25, 2011 | Reply

  3. As you say, who writes this twaddle. I know lots of older ladies with long hair, they cut it short when they can no longer manage the care it needs. My hair is long. I will keep it long. I wasnt allowed long hair as a child since I was told I would get nits, when I was working, I had it fairly short so I didnt have to fiddle with it each morning, when I stopped work, I grew it long.

    As for women who say their day is ruined if their hair doesnt go right in a morning, they need to lose some vanity and realise that most people really wont notice they are having a bad hair day,

    Comment by liz | January 25, 2011 | Reply

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