The Anonymous Widower

Vengeance Plastic Surgery

Another article in the same Sunday Times as the hair article, also says that the biggest growth area in plastic surgery in the United States is post-divorce.

C would have understood that, although she would never have agreed with plastic surgery. Many times, she would come home from court and tell with relish a tale about a client, who in the process of ditching an apalling spouse, had really improved themselves.  And it wasn’t just the women, although it usually was! In one amazing case, where a lady was getting divorced after forty years of marriage to a violent man, she told C, she’d just spent twenty pounds on having her hair done and another twenty on a dress.  Sums she would never have spent before.  She had also just booked a cruise in the sun. This case was also interesting, in that the husband had had a previous marriage of forty years that had also ended in divorce. If we had pre-nuptial psychological testing, some would and should stay single all of their lives.

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Why Women Cut Off Long Hair

There is an article in the Sunday Times, saying why women cut off their long hair.  I don’t know who writes this rubbish and I suppose I read it, but C and several other women I know cut their long hair, when they had a baby, as they didn’t like all the pulling.

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Mail Scams

There is a piece this morning on the BBC about mail scams.

Since moving, I’ve been receiving the most amazing amount of junk through my letter box. A lot is flyers for things like takeaways and mini-cabs, neither of which I use.  But some looks like mail scams, so it goes straight back in the conveniently placed pillar box opposite marked “Return to Sender”.  As the house was tenanted before I bought it, there has also been a few letters, to those tenants, who might have done a runner.

I just wonder though, if all of the scam mail was sent back marked for return, the government and the Royal Mail, might take a bit more concerted action, against the countries from where it comes.

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