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I can’t understand all of the fuss about Jeremy Paxman’s beard.  I’ve had mine for nearly fifty years and my son, who is in his mid-forties, has never seen me clean-shaven.

It’s well-trimmed now, although in its more wild days, my beard graced the letters page of the Today program on Radio 4. At the time, there was trouble in Egypt and the BBC’s reporter there had a beard and he had a bit of trouble, as the Army and Police, were rather against those with beards, who they thought were Muslim fundamentalists. I wish i had a copy of that letter!

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Angale Merkel Hairstyles

I thought at lunch, how many women of a certain age, I’ve seen on this trip sporting Angela Merkel hairstyles.

There’s no understanding off peoples’ taste.

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Winston Churchill To Be On A Fiver

It is being reported that the new five pound note will feature Winston Churchill.

I always thought that to be on a British banknote, you needed to have a lot of unruly hair, so that the note was more difficult to forge.

Whatever he was known for, it wasn’t for being particularly hirsute!

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A Real Redhead

My Aunt Gladys was a real redhead, although she was totally grey when I knew her.

Her likeness drawn by her husband and my uncle, sits and looks down at me, as I type this.

Cousins Reunited

Cousins Reunited

My mother is on the left and Gladys is on the right.

Her likeness drawn by her husband and my uncle, sits and looks down at me, as I type this. She was good to me and C and even paid for our marriage licence, on condition I passed on the value to someone else. Which of course, I did! (I must write that story up some time!) I just did and it’s here.

Incidentally, that red gene is still in my family, as years ago, my beard had a touch of the reds and my son, says his does too.  But that is minor really!

Yesterday, on the Underground, I saw a girl of about ten or so with her mother. She had the most amazing red hair.  It wasn’t short and curly like most red hair seems to be, but long and straight and just clipped into a pony tail. Obviously, because of her age, the colour was totally natural.

They say that people’s fortune is in their face, this girl could have it in her hair.

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Politicians Who Dye Their Hair

I can never understand, why people dye their hair!

I have a grey beard, but since going gluten-free, that seems as far as it got.

My late wife never dyed her hair and she was a natural dark blonde, with odd hairs of other colours, including grey and brown.  Her hairdresser, who also cut mine at the time told me a funny story about her.  He had just cut C’s hair and was preparing a very smart lady, who wanted her hair dyed a different colour. He asked her what colour she wanted and she said how about that, pointing to C. He had difficulty keeping a straight face as he told the lady it was totally natural.

My reason for this post is because I’ve just read this article about Chinese politicians dying their hair on the BBC’s web site. It shows how vain some of our leaders can get, especially as the previous Chinese leader had grey hair, as do many Chinese of my age you see in the UK.

I also remember seeing a speech by John Major, where he said he’d been accused of dying his hair, which of course he didn’t. I wrote about it here.

But we may accuse John Major of ,many things, but vanity is not one of them!

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Why Women Cut Off Long Hair

There is an article in the Sunday Times, saying why women cut off their long hair.  I don’t know who writes this rubbish and I suppose I read it, but C and several other women I know cut their long hair, when they had a baby, as they didn’t like all the pulling.

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Strange Affect of a Haircut

Last night a friend cut my hair.  It had got a bit long in the last few weeks, but it has had the surprising affect of making my scalp feel better and less itchy.

How strange!

But I’m not complaining

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