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Do Sickly Children Make Successful Adults?

I ask this question because of a post on the UK-Coeliac list from a mother, who was worried that her coeliac child might have problems because of days off sick during his GCSEs.

I was always off sick at school, but I got to Grammar School and obtained good O and A levels, went to a good university and by all accounts I have been very successful since. I often wish that I’d been diagnosed with coeliac disease, when my parents and GP, were looking into my childhood health problems, but you can’t change the past.

Was it because of my many days off school, that my father took me to his printing works so often and my mother taught me household skills from cooking to making clothes?  Or was it because I was the boy and was favoured by my parents and especially my grandmother, who lived with us?

I also became very reliant on my own company and this served me well, when I was programming, as that can be a very lonely experience.

Now is that self-reliance is my strongest defence against the trials of my life?

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  1. YOu had parents who were sensible and had you doing things when you were off school ill, and you personally had the the motivation to work hard when you were at school. Other children may not have that.

    Comment by liz | April 6, 2011 | Reply

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