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Icelanders Give the UK and The Netherlands Two Fingers

Th Icedlanders did what was expected and rejected the deal to repay the UK and The Netherlands in a referendum.  After all it wasn’t the fault of the good people of Iceland, that their banks went bust.

The trouble is there is a hell of lot more than one born every minute. A few ended up running the Icelandic banks and many more individuals and councils from the UK and The Netherlands invested in banks that were paying a rate that was too good to be true.

If you put any money in something that is outside of both the banking regulations and the UK, you’re asking for trouble.  I know people who put all their savings in such as Icesave. They’d have got a better return in Corals, backing horse number 7 in each race.

But the individuals were all compensated by Gordon Brown, using our hard-earned taxes.  After all if he hadn’t, the election result might have been different!

Councils, like these in Scotland are still waiting.

Commentators and politicians say the dispute will end up in court. So the lawyers will love that one!

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