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INR Test – 11th April 2011

Result: 2.2

Dosing Recommendation: 4.8 mg/day

Next INR Test interval: 42 days

Repeat INR Test on 23rd May 2011 at 11:10.

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Let’s Ban Duty Free on Aircraft!

I never buy anything in duty-free shops when I fly.  I used to buy perfume for C, as that is very different to say spirits.

The difference is the weight and the inflammability.

As a former pilot, I know a lot about flying and the physics of it. One of the ways to make aircraft more fuel efficient is to not carry any excess weight on the plane.  And making planes more fuel efficient means they emit less carbon dioxide to create more global warming! So you get aircraft makers and airlines trying hard to be green and then the authorities allow them to bring on excess weight, that they could buy at the destination airport.  

There is now pressure from some countries to allow liquids to be carried on aircraft again.  And that includes duty-free bought in another place.

So security will get tighter and queues will get longer, which will mean more delays and probably more carbon emissions.

All of this could be avoided by banning duty-free on aircraft.  But then airlines and airports would say it will make flying more expensive, as duty-free subsidises the tickets!

And another thought! Budget airlines make a charge for each bag.  Why not add a weight charge for every passenger and their baggage?

It could have some interesting secondary affects.

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Icelanders Give the UK and The Netherlands Two Fingers

Th Icedlanders did what was expected and rejected the deal to repay the UK and The Netherlands in a referendum.  After all it wasn’t the fault of the good people of Iceland, that their banks went bust.

The trouble is there is a hell of lot more than one born every minute. A few ended up running the Icelandic banks and many more individuals and councils from the UK and The Netherlands invested in banks that were paying a rate that was too good to be true.

If you put any money in something that is outside of both the banking regulations and the UK, you’re asking for trouble.  I know people who put all their savings in such as Icesave. They’d have got a better return in Corals, backing horse number 7 in each race.

But the individuals were all compensated by Gordon Brown, using our hard-earned taxes.  After all if he hadn’t, the election result might have been different!

Councils, like these in Scotland are still waiting.

Commentators and politicians say the dispute will end up in court. So the lawyers will love that one!

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Picking Up Rail Tickets Bought On-Line

Sometimes this can be difficult, as you have to have the right card and type in an eight character code.  I usually text my phone, so I’ve got the full details in an easy to read form.

Today, though, I picked up my tickets for Ipswich tomorrow as I was passing through Euston and a card was all I needed.  It was much easier!

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Did Jack Warner Ask for a Bribe?

Read this story from the Press Association about a possible meeting between Jack Warner and two of the leaders of the England 2018 World Cup Bid team.

I thought when I read the article in The Times this morning that Mr. Warner might consider it to be a libel.  Let’s hope he tries to prove it in a UK Court of Law!  I’m sure Rupert Murdoch would enjoy the challenge.

I’m very much against libel tourism, but in this case I might be prepared to make an exception.

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How To Look Younger

I was walking down towards the old Middlesex hospital today, when I heard a familiar and distinctive voice behind me.  I turned slightly and saw the lady in question  getting into the taxi, she had just hailed. I then recognised her, as she was wearing the same dress as she had on BBC Breakfast this morning.  

But she certainly looks younger on the television!

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Do We Have Too Many Banks?

I think that the last time I met a bank manager was when I moved my account to Nationwide about ten years ago. And that was more on her account, as she wanted to try and sell me insurances and other things I didn’t need. I now do all of my banking on-line and the only time I go into a branch is to draw money out of a cashpoint. I often go in and have a sit down, so that I can put the twenty pound notes I don’t like somewhere secure in my bag. Years ago, before cashpoints, going to a bank was a much more common occurence, as you had to pay in cheques and get money out.

So do we actually need bank branches these days?

Apart from my sit downs after getting money out, I don’t! It wouldn’t matter to me, if Nationwide scrapped most of their branches, so long as they kept some major ones.  In fact, I probably only use no more than four cashpoints locally.  Two are the Nationwide branches at Upper Street and Moorgate, and I use a Sainsburys and a Tesco in the Essex Road.  None of course charge me anything.  Incidentally, why would anybody use a machine that did charge?

The ICB has now reported that the major banks should be reduced in size and that investment banking should be separated from retail. The Telegraph reckons it’s a good British compromise.  Share prices in the banks have risen.

But I can’t help feeling that traditional retail banking is dead anyway, as who really wants it?  Not me!  So long as I have a good on-line money transfer system and access to free cash points, I’ll be happy!  I hopefully won’t need another mortgage and I’ll always use Zopa and other professional companies for my savings and insurance.

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Do We Have Too Many Nurses?

I have used the NHS a lot in the last three years, what with the death of my wife and son to cancer and a couple of strokes.

 In many cases I have had appointments with doctors and other healthcare professionals and whereas a few years ago, they would have had a nurse or a technical assistant to work with them, now they usually work alone with sophisticated equipment.

 I am on Warfarin and at my previous surgery, a nurse used to take a blood test once a fortnight, which was sent to the local hospital for analysis.  Now, my new GP does it himself with a small instrument that gives results immediately.

 So is technology taking over from nurses?

To illustrate this BBC Breakfast has just shown how to use a heart defibrillator.  It all seemed fairly simple and very much led by an intelligent machine.

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