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Open House for the Olympics

I’ve been thinking about doing this for some time, but I’m now declaring a sort of Open House for the Olympics. With the ticket sales, a lot of friends have said they will be buying tickets, but they have nowhere to stay, if they are outside London.

So on a first-come, first-served basis anybody who has a direct link to me is welcome to stay for a night.  By direct link, I mean, relatives, except the black-sheep, Alfred, ex-Metier and others who I’ve worked with and those who are my e-friends outside London. I am convenient for Stratford and will actually be going today, by taking a bus or train a couple of stops to Hackney Wick and then walking along the Greenway.  To walk all the way takes 90 minutes along the Regent’s Canal and Hertford Canal via Victoria Park.  There will also be a good bus service from just up the road at Dalston Junction during the games.

I suspect it will get chaotic, but we’ll only see one Olympics in London in our lifetime, so why not have a two-week party?

The house is fairly small but I do have a spare double-bedroom and a single one, but then I do have a warm living room with a large carpet, so kids could camp indoors on the floor.  It’ll probably be the only Olympics they see, so a bit of roughing it wouldn’t matter.

I also suspect that there will be a big party in Victoria Park for the Olympics, as they are setting up large screens there.  It might be where the real East Enders hold their Olympic celebration!

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