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The Viewing Platform At Kings Cross

I came across this viewing platform at Kings Cross.

The pictures show the platform and some of the views.

It’s on the path that leads between Kings Cross Station and Granary Square, by the Regent’s Canal.

Building sites should have more of these!

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The Draining Of Camden Lock

This happens every twenty years or so, to clear out the shopping trolleys and other rubbish. Sometimes, like this year, they change the lock gates.

It has proven to be a popular event this year, as the pictures show. There’s more here on the BBC.

It just goes to show, how everybody loves an event, even if it is not in the mainstream. I had wanted to go down into the lock, but all the tours were full.

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A Sad, Lonely Lith On The Regent’s Canal

I encountered this sad and lonely lith surrounded by rubbish on the Regents Canal today.

I was walking the canal to try to see if I could find anything to raise at the De Beauvoir Ward Forum in the evening.

We need more of these at every entrance to the tow-path and I hope the rubbish is cleared up soon.

It’s the first lith, I’ve seen that has been vandalised.

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How Did That Get There?

Is this taking eco-living too far, to have a cow in Camden?

How Did That Get There?

How Did That Get There?

I suppose they must have swum it there along the Regent’s Canal.

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And Now The LidoLine

I found this article in the Guardian, whilst looking for something else.

It proposes a linear swimming pool along the Regent’s Canal.

C might have liked it.  But it’s not for me!

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London Peace Wall

I saw this in the paper and found it on Wednesday morning.

There’s more about it here. Or there would be if the website worked properly! But it’s not up yet. Although it’s mentioned on the TFL web site here.

The best thing is to do what I did and go and visit it by taking a train to Haggerston station. Walk out of the station towards the Regent’s Canal, and the artwork is under the portal of the bridge that goes across the canal.

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Horse Power At Camden Lock

The narrow boat, Ilkeston, was today towed through Camden on the Regent’s Canal in the traditional way by a horse on its way to the London Canal Museum.

The horse, a thirteen-year-old Clydesdale-cob cross is called Bunny.

In some ways it brought me back to my childhood, when I can remember the horse-drawn dust-carts in the old borough of Wood Green. They used to use them around the backs of the shops, as one-horse carts were so manoeuvrable.

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The Paddington Basin

I ended up at Paddington station and went to have a look at the Paddington Basin on the Regent’s Canal behind.

I was told that when the basin was drained to create the new developments, the police had a sweepstake on how many bodies, shopping trolleys etc. they would find. I was told they were rather surprised, but obviously pleased that none of the former were found.

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Bicycle Helmets

I don’t like them for myself, just as I don’t like wearing a helmet when I ride a horse.

In Halfords on Friday, the manager said that bicycle helmets will soon be compulsory.

I am changing my mind, but not for myself.  I get a bit fed up with kids and some older ones riding on the pavements in and out of the pedestrians.  Most seem not to be wearing helmets.  So perhaps on the spot fines would drive them off the pavements, as it’s not cool to be a nuisance with a helmet on.

The funny thing is that on paths shared by cyclists and walkers, like the Regent’s Canal, there doesn’t seem to be the same problem.

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Open House for the Olympics

I’ve been thinking about doing this for some time, but I’m now declaring a sort of Open House for the Olympics. With the ticket sales, a lot of friends have said they will be buying tickets, but they have nowhere to stay, if they are outside London.

So on a first-come, first-served basis anybody who has a direct link to me is welcome to stay for a night.  By direct link, I mean, relatives, except the black-sheep, Alfred, ex-Metier and others who I’ve worked with and those who are my e-friends outside London. I am convenient for Stratford and will actually be going today, by taking a bus or train a couple of stops to Hackney Wick and then walking along the Greenway.  To walk all the way takes 90 minutes along the Regent’s Canal and Hertford Canal via Victoria Park.  There will also be a good bus service from just up the road at Dalston Junction during the games.

I suspect it will get chaotic, but we’ll only see one Olympics in London in our lifetime, so why not have a two-week party?

The house is fairly small but I do have a spare double-bedroom and a single one, but then I do have a warm living room with a large carpet, so kids could camp indoors on the floor.  It’ll probably be the only Olympics they see, so a bit of roughing it wouldn’t matter.

I also suspect that there will be a big party in Victoria Park for the Olympics, as they are setting up large screens there.  It might be where the real East Enders hold their Olympic celebration!

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