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A Final Good Bye TO EDF Energy – Hopefully!

When I Bought This house the electricity and gas supplier was EDF Energy. At the time I thought it would be a good idea to stick with them, as it might be less hassle to get them to continue to do the supply than change.

But after trying to get sense from EDF Energy, I signed up with nPower, as I detailed here.  I set up Direct Debits too, soon after they changed the meter on the day they said they would, and at the time precisely.

In my original post, I did imply that Thames Water, tried to get aggressive  in trying to sell me things I didn’t need. But I’ll forgive them that, as when I needed to read the water meter, the lady in the call centre told me in detail how to do it. They also gave me a free tour of Abbey Mills and the sewers with very good food afterwards.

Over the six months or so, I’ve got a lot of writs for the previous owners tenants.  The biggest of which was for several hundred pounds from a company collecting on behalf of EDF Energy. It was from an agency in Glasgow, so I suspected someone from Alex Ferguson’s charm school to give me some form of hair-drying, when I phoned them.  But I got a nice guy, who told me to forget the bill  and shred it, after asking a few questions in a polite manner.

Nothing much happened until about two months ago, except for a series of mysterious calls on my mobile phone, which might be linked to EDF Energy.

I then got a bill from EDF Energy of £180.83, which on querying with them, they said was for the time whilst they were swapping everything over to nPower.  I immediately queried it on the phone and I then got a reduced bill of £70.46, but I thought this was still too high as it ran from the 1st December 2010, when I didn’t move in until the 12th.

I was now dealing with them by e-mail and the e-mail said this.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me via my email.

So I did.  Several times, in an attempt to get the bill adjusted to the 12th of December or full explanation of their calculations.  Let’s face it there comes a point, where you don’t fight a bill of seventy quid any longer, as it just isn’t worth the effort. I also put it in a letter to them.

That point came on Thursday, when I sent them the money by bank transfer. But even that wasn’t as simple as paying other companies, as their bank, doesn’t accept the faster payments system, that virtually all others do. This excellent system means you get a certified receipt for a payment within a few minutes. Read about them here in the Guardian. If ever there was a reason for Internet banking, it’s this payment system.

It’s been debited from my bank account, so it’s somewhere in the system. It’s probably being processed in some overseas department of France, if they use a French bank.

I should say that their automated system phoned my mobile phone number, despite the fact that I told them I always deal with people over my landline. This automated system had no way getting a realperson and expected me to type in the twelve digits of my debit card number without making a mistake.  I can do that easily on my large button landline phone, but not on my Nokia 6310i.  Their automated system is about as customer friendly to someone with a small disability like me, as a unicycle.  So in the end I hung up on them. They didn’t ring again.  Surely that is wrong, as some other companies, will ring you back with a real person if the person accepting the call doesn’t seem to be responding properly.

Let’s hope that’s the end of it. I shall certainly not be recommending EDF Energy to any of my friends.  As they say on Eurovision, they have earned nil points for Customer Service.

Any more calls from them and I’ll use the famous Sun headline from the 1970s or so.

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