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Where Have All The Jobsworths Gone?

I’ve had a friend staying for the last few days and I accompanied her to Stratford to get her train back to Ipswich this morning on the North London Line. Changing from the North London Line to the main line at Stratford is particularly easy, as the platforms are virtually next to each other. And there are lifts, if you aren’t so good on your pins.

My friend had bought her tickets on the TrainLine, which is a company, I only use as a last resort, as I know the system and can often get a better deal elsewhere. Her tickets were actually to Ipswich via Colchester and I know that ticket inspectors can take non-compliance with rules seriously.  So when the first train came, which was going to Colchester and then on to Ipswich, she took it.  But to be fair to National Express East Anglia, the inspector on the train accepted her ticket without question.

Then when I got home, I found that my recycling had been collected.  Nothing special about that, except perhaps that they’d done it an hour or so earlier than normal. But they had replaced one of my recycling bins with a brand new one, which they had clearly numbered.

So sometimes people do use a bit of initiative to do their jobs better! And of course make things more pleasant for their customers and clients.

There was slight downside this morning. A guy was cleaning the train between Stratford and Hackney Wick. In trying to remove one of the disposable newspapers, he inadvertantly touched someone.  The guy mouthed him off in no uncertain terms.

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