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Academic Year 2011/12 Payment Access Review Alart

I received a phishing e-mail with this title today. Note how alert is spelled.

This is the body of the e-mail.

This is a message for all students receiving grants and loans from the Students Loan Company. You are required to verify your account information in order to avoid any delay in your loan/grant payments. You can do this by visiting

Yours Sincerely
Student Finance England
Please do not reply to this email as it has been automatically produced from an address which cannot accept incoming mail.

****************************** ****************************** ******************* The information from the Student Loans Company Ltd contained in this e-mail is private and privileged. If you have received this e-mail in error be advised that any use is strictly prohibited. Please notify us and delete the message from your computer. You may not copy or forward it or use or disclose its contents to any other person.

As internet communications are capable of data corruption it may be inappropriate to rely on advice or opinions contained in an e-mail without obtaining written confirmation of it. This footnote also confirms that this email message has been swept for the presence of computer viruses, however we do not accept any liability or responsibility for resultant virus infection. Opinions and views expressed in this e-mail are those of the sender and may not reflect the opinions and views of The Student Loans Company Limited.

The Student Loans Company Ltd registered office is at 21 St Thomas Street, Bristol, BS1 6JS and it is registered in England Company No. 02401034, VAT No. 556 4352

Note that the Student Loan Company details are correct, but that the e-mail points to a web site called, which has these registration details.

    Domain Admin        (
    ID#10760, PO Box 16
    Note – All Postal Mails Rejected, visit
    Nobby Beach
    null,QLD 4218
    Tel. +45.36946676

The phone number is actually in Denmark and the website is in Australia. Enough said!

Who is behind this I do not know, but please don’t contact them, unless you want to give them your student finance. 

But these scams seem to be getting more and more sophisticated and believable.

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Where Have All The Jobsworths Gone?

I’ve had a friend staying for the last few days and I accompanied her to Stratford to get her train back to Ipswich this morning on the North London Line. Changing from the North London Line to the main line at Stratford is particularly easy, as the platforms are virtually next to each other. And there are lifts, if you aren’t so good on your pins.

My friend had bought her tickets on the TrainLine, which is a company, I only use as a last resort, as I know the system and can often get a better deal elsewhere. Her tickets were actually to Ipswich via Colchester and I know that ticket inspectors can take non-compliance with rules seriously.  So when the first train came, which was going to Colchester and then on to Ipswich, she took it.  But to be fair to National Express East Anglia, the inspector on the train accepted her ticket without question.

Then when I got home, I found that my recycling had been collected.  Nothing special about that, except perhaps that they’d done it an hour or so earlier than normal. But they had replaced one of my recycling bins with a brand new one, which they had clearly numbered.

So sometimes people do use a bit of initiative to do their jobs better! And of course make things more pleasant for their customers and clients.

There was slight downside this morning. A guy was cleaning the train between Stratford and Hackney Wick. In trying to remove one of the disposable newspapers, he inadvertantly touched someone.  The guy mouthed him off in no uncertain terms.

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The Neapolitan Line

The travel bunny on BBC Breakfast for London referred to the combined Metropolitan, District and Circle lines as the Neapolitan line today.  It’s actually quite obvious as they are shown as a multi-coloured line, but why have I never heard it before?

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The Answer To Life, The Universe and Everything is 72

Douglas Adams got it wrong according to this article on the BBC. As many know, he thought the answer was 42.

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