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A Saturday Morning Routine

There are two radio programmes, I like to listen to on Saturday morning; Danny Baker and the unsporting quiz, Fighting Talk, as they appeal to my unusual sense of humour.

The trouble is that if I’m going to football, as I am today, it doesn’t really leave much time for me to get to the shops, as I have to leave by about midday to get the train.

So this morning, I got to the Angel, by bus at just after 8:30.  I actually took a seventy-free, as if you sit at the back and get out of the rearmost door, it’s much easier to walk to the four shops, Carluccio’s and the physio, that I visit at the Angel.

Today, it was just Boots for some rat poison, Marks and Spencer for some gluten-free sarnies for the train and a beef Stroganoff for tonight  and Waitrose for two large carriers of heavy stuff like alcohol and Coke.  I went to Waitrose first and found that if I shopped immediately,  could get it delivered before the start of Fighting Talk at 11:00. I think I rather caught them on the hop, but hopefully it’ll come on time.  But I do have two hours of total float in my critical path, so if they come by one I’m OK.

The only problem, was that Marks didn’t have the gluten-free sandwiches, but then I’ll pass three of their shops that stock them on the way to Liverpool Street. If they don’t have any, then I shall complain. If there aren’t any, it’s probably because they are too good and all those food fadists on a gluten-free kick have snaffled them!

I was back home listening to Danny Baker by ten o’clock.

It sounds like I’ll be repeating this on Saturdays in the future.

The routine could be even better, if Carluccio’s opened at 8:00 for breakfast on Saturday, as they do in the week.

Update at 11:20 – Waitrose have just delivered, so I have plenty of time to catch the train to Ipswich, after scouring Marks for some gluten-free sandwiches.

Thinking about this post.  When C and I lived near Newmarket we would go shopping early, often visit one of our horses in traing and then we’d generally be back home around eleven.

I suppose, I’m only repeating what we did together by myself.  In some ways, it was easier in Suffolk, as Waitrose opened earlier.  But then I had to carry the shopping from the car to the hall.  Here, that is all done by the van driver from Waitrose.

Who said manners and service are dead.

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