The Anonymous Widower

Bye-Bye Virgin

I’ve now been without my landline for a couple of weeks now.  Although, I didn’t realise it for some days, as I was away and also because most of my friends phone me on my mobile number.

So on Friday, I did what I should have done when I moved in; I signed up with BT.

Today after a very long phone call, I cancelled Virgin. I did eventually get someone sensible, but as I had to ring on my mobile and I phoned them for perhaps twenty minutes, I suspect it wasn’t cheap.

It did however cost me over seventy pounds to get rid of them.

Hackney council today wrote to me saying that I could get rid of five heavy items a year by just giving them a call.  If disposing of Virgin and their useless service were so easy.

Incidentally, all of their cabinets round here have had their doors stolen. 

A Typical Virgin Cabinet in Hackney

In my experience, electrical equipment doesn’t like working in exposed conditions.

I shall now be using BT for phone and broadband, Freeview for television and the pub for watching football on Sky.

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