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Is Blackpool the Most Pedestrian Unfriendly Resort in the UK?

I went to Blackpool with an open mind, but I had met a plumber from Wigan in Liverpool, who goes to that city with his bike, when he wants to get some sea air.

But I hadn’t been prepared for what I found.

Arriving at Blackpool North station, there was no map or instructions to help me get to the football ground or even the town centre. There was a map for sale at a pound or so,but it didn’t have either the station or the football ground on it.

I was told as a child, that if you’re lost, you should always ask a policeman.  So I found two.  But one was from Manchester and the other was from Preston. They hadn’t a clue on directions.  So I suppose, if there was an incident, they’d probably turn up with difficulty and late.

In fact there are no useful maps in the dump, as to call it a town, insults all of those places, like Great Yarmouth, who care for their visitors so much better.

There is however this bus map on all the stops.

Blasckpool's Useless Bus Map

I suppose it might be useful to those who have the route they are taking to hand.  But for me it was as useful as a chocolate teapot.

Close to the football ground it gets worse with roads that have no crossing places for pedestrians.

A typical Pedestrian-Friendly Crossing In Blackpool

The picture was taken on a busy roundabout. where are the protective lights? And here are some Ipswich fans trying to cross the road to McDonalds.

Ipswich Fans Dodge The Traffic in Blackpool

I know Blackpool has financial problems, but surely they want visitors to return.

Obviously they don’t want coeliacs, who have to walk everywhere!

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