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The Great Advantage of Rick Perry As US President

He would be able to talk to President Ahmadinejad as an equal as they both have the same views on capital punishment.

This even extends to their views on  the execution of juveniles!

The two are made for each other!

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The Tevez Defence

Carlos Tevez got himself off a serious charge by claiming he couldn’t read English according to many reports, including this one in the Mirror.

I would assume that he didn’t have any colleagues or friends, who couldn’t read English either. I once had a spam e-mail in Russian, so I asked one of the builders, who was Lithuanian, what it meant.  He said it was spam, so I ignored it.

How long before the defence is used in a serious case like murder or rape?  The accused in a rape case could perhaps claim that he didn’t understand what No meant.

Perhaps the best thing we could do is give Tevez six months to learn basic English.

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Barnsley Interchange Exists on The Train Line

That is the good news!

But the bad news is that no tickets are available on the day I want!

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