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Was My Bad Tooth Causing Other Problems?

I’m still on a soft food diet, as the socket still aches slightly, but I was able to eat a piece of bread with some soup last night.

The biggest change though, is that my allergies seem to be decreasing.  That can’t be right can it? Symptoms like my sneezing and itching are getting better and when I blow my nose, it’s much dryer. Except for the slight tooth ache, I’m almost feeling normal. I’m also having to correct less spelling mistakes in my typing.

But am I bothered?  No! Of course not!

On the other hand when I was a child no-one could find what I was allergic too.  And I had rather packed and mixed up teeth, which were only sorted, when my dentist took out four pre-molars to give the others more space. Was it about the same time, that the worst of my allergic problems got a bit better. But all my records from those days have disappeared so I can never find the truth.

I’m now certain now, that some of my problems about getting back after the stroke were due to that tooth. After all I broke it about twenty years ago and it has never been good since.  One very good dentist I had sad that because of my gagging response, it would be impossible to crown.

I’ve also looked back at some of the posts of a year or so ago.

This post describes how I ended up in Addenbrooke’s with tremendous pain. They thought it was probably a blocked sinus. As they were certified clear a few months later, I suspect, as does my current dentist, that it was the tooth.

I also mused about coeliac disease and my recovery.  This post talks of another incident, where the tooth seemed to be the villain.

And this is the incident, after which I was put on Keppra. Knowing what I know now about myself and especially the trapped nerve in my neck, I suspect that it was caused more by my nerve and arm damage than the stroke.  But I’ve never had anything like another seizure since.

It’s all very strange.

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