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Virgin’s Better Offering On The Way From Manchester

In the seven hours I spent in the Manchester area, things improved.

All allergies were explained as they should be.

I also got two cups of tea and a Pepsi from the very good steward.

The ticket collector said he’d come back to collect my First Class Supplement. But he didn’t!

So I got it all for the price of a Standard Class Ticket.

Compare this with the outrun.

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Virgin’s Poor Offering On The Way To Manchester

I travelled First Class up to Manchester and this was my snack offering.

Virgin's Poor Offering On The Way To Manchester

Virgin’s Poor Offering On The Way To Manchester

It was obviously not gluten-free and there was no allergy information on the packet, as there should be now.

Compare this with the return.

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Why Would Anybody Have An Exhibition At Olympia?

The only time in recent years, when I’ve seen any class at Olympia, was when I stood on a stand at a telecoms exhibition next to someone, who is now a peer of the realm.

Today, I went to The Allergy Show, but my troubles started before I even arrived. I just missed the Overground train at Highbury and Islington, so instead of waiting half-an-hour for the next train, I decided to go via Victoria and Earl’s Court. I got to Earl’s Court in reasonable time, but then there was no shuttle train to Olympia. So I hsad to get a replacement bus, which somebody had saved from the scrapyard. At least it was clean.

When I eventually got to Olympia, there was an air of dereliction about the place. But it wasn’t any worse than I remember it, when we took the boys to the Christmas Horse Show in perhaps 1971.

John Betjeman would be summing up a friendly bomb.

At least I got home easy enough, but then leaving Olympic is much better than going!


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Breakfast At Gatwick

It wasn’t that good, as the South Terminal doesn’t have a Jamie’s Italian like the the North one does.

I was in a restaurant, where I had some pretty good scrambled egg, but there were other things on the menu, that I thought, if they had been properly cooked, would be gluten-free.

The restaurant was also serving Aspall’s cyder, which I know is gluten-free, but they didn’t know it was.

Surely, if McDonalds know what contains allergues, it is not beyond the wit of any restaurant to do the same.

So that’s one restaurant, I won’t bother with again.

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Nuts May Contain Nuts

A supermarket is in trouble for not saying a packet of monkey nuts contains nuts. It’s here in the Guardian.

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Marks And Spencer Make Allergies Clearer

One of my problems with supermarkets and ready meals, is that you often have to turn them upside down to read the allergy information, as with Waitrose’s fish pies. Today though, I bought a newly-introduced meal of slow cooked venison in a red wine and onion sauce from Marks and Spencer.

Marks And Spencer Make Allergies Clearer

Marks And Spencer Make Allergies Clearer

Note the blue patch on the packaging showing the allergies. It’s getting there, but the allergies could be better shown still. For this product, they are cow’s milk. I’m not sure, but I think in the past it was just milk.

Someone at Marks and Spencer, has been thinking.

I’d also see a universal word or symbol for no allergies. Or perhaps for none of the common allergies, like fish, shellfish, gluten, celery, milk, mustard, buts and wheat. But then I’ve come across or heard of people allergic to rice, soya, chickpeas and potatoes.

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Am I Allergic To Coffee?

I’ve not been feeling well the last few days and it reminds me of a time about thirty years ago, when I thought I got a mouth infection from a dentist. I had a very sore mouth and ate fairly soft food for a couple of weeks.  In the end, I think the doctor gave me some antibiotics to clear it up. At the time, I also found that coffee seemed to irritate my mouth, so for twenty years or so, I never drunk coffee, until I discovered cappuccino.

My mouth now feels the same and for the last two days, I’ve stayed off the coffee and I’ve just been drinking beer, cider, milk, water and tea.

It seems to be getting better.

It’s strange that this problem has returned, but I have moved to London in the last couple of years and it so easy to get a coffee.

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Is This An iBus?

This is a bus I certainly won’t get.

Is This An iBus?

Is This An iBus?

As a real programmer, I’m seriously allergic to adverts an d especially Apple products.

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European Union Creates An Awful Smell

Apparently, the EU is proposing to ban certain ingredients used in perfumes. It’s all here in the Mail.

If the allergy police were to ban anything, how about stopping gluten in food?

No wonder the EU is so popular with the citizens of Europe.

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This chicken Provençal from Waitrose was rather nice.

Waitrose Chicken Provencal

But why can’t we have the allergy information on the front? That way, I wouldn’t need to pick up the package and turn it over.

Incidentally, this dish has fish in it. That surprised me, but it was defined as anchovy on the packet.

On the subject of allergies, Waitrose has brought out a range of chilled foods by Heston Blumenthal. All seemed to have added gluten. A pity really, as I recently heard of a sensitive coeliac, who went to his restaurant and had no problems.

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