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Facts About London During Wikipedia Blackout

You don’t need Wikipedia.  Just look here.

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Oxford Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

I had to smile at this article.

At least she decided to follow in C’s footsteps and go to UCL to read law.

I’ve always believed that you shouldn’t go to a university, that is in a place, that is very similar to where you were brought up, as it doesn’t widen your mind.

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What A Load of Old Wind

I’m not a lover of large wind turbines, but smaller ones part of a fully-integrated power-generation system are a lot better.

This article in the Daily Mail shows some of the problems with large ones, especially the fact that if it’s too windy, they have to be shut down.

The problem we have in this country, is that when we have too much electricity, we have no way of storing it, so the power generation has to be stopped.

So let’s solve the storage problem first before we ruin the countryside with wind turbines and the power lines to connect them to the National Grid.

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Today’s Times Leaders

They are a classic.

The first details the rows in the Labour Party and how Blairite is now an insult.

The second says that America’s investment in Mubarak’s leadership in Egypt was very misguided.

It finishes by taslking about how various factions and religions in India have destroyed the largest literary festival in Asia at Jaipur.

We need some compassionate and sensible thinking.

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Labour Nationalises Local Party Assets

According to an article in The Times today, Labour is bribging all the local party assets under central control.

In Bath, the local party owns a Listed building, which brings in a lot of rent, which is used to fund elections. The Bath Labour party doesn’t seem to be very happy.

But then, this is what socialism is about.  If it exists it’s ours.

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Wikipedia Goes Black

Wikipedia is off line today and already I have wanted to use it twice and couldn’t.  It’s all because of the SOPA and PIPA acts in the US Congress. Read about the reasons here.

I actually don’t see what these Acts have to do with the UK.

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