The Anonymous Widower

The Last of the Many

I went to Greenford station today to see the last of something that was very common on the Underground; a wooden escalator.

As you can see from the pictures, the escalator isn’t pristine, but being as it’s owned by London Underground, I suspect it’s mechanically perfect.  And of course as they scrapped hundreds, they’ve probably got several shedfulls of spare parts.

I did also make a video, which shows it still works.

I wonder how many others are still running in the UK.  When I went to Moscow in 2000, they were still going on the Moscow Metro. But the Greenford one is just a baby to the giants in Moscow.

Wooden escalators may have advantages for those who are not too good on their pins.  When I ascended, I just slid off as I used to do as a child. And of course now that guide dogs are allowed on escalators, they’re probably more dog-friendly.

But these are not reasons to go back to wooden treads.  I do think though, that In the next few years a better step design will evolve.

I think it is needed as we now have people with large cases, buggies and all types of dogs wanting to use them more and more. And then of course there’s fashion items like stiletto heels and long skirts, which sometimes get caught. I am also not forgetting those on crutches or in a wheel-chair, who find escalators difficult.

It’s a challenge and he or she who solves it will make a lot of money.

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