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Dinosaurs Wreck Daylight Saving Bill

The latest attempt at saving lives by moving the clocks an hour forward has been wrecked by those MPs, who have gone against the main will of the House of Commons, the government and the people of the UK, by using procedural tricks to talk the Bill out. Read all about it in the Guardian.

It’s funny, but now I live in London instead of Suffolk, I’m more in favour than ever of the bill. I have just walked back from  a bus in semi-darkness.  So in Islington and Hackney, the lights aren’t too bad, but it was just at this time of night last winter, when a teenage girl was killed as she crossed between two buses, just round the corner from where I live.  An hour of extra daylight and she might still be alive. She probably shouldn’t have done it, but who hasn’t.

If the Scots, who weren’t the major objectors this time incidentally, want a different timezone to England, then that is their business.

But how many other pedestrians will have to die before this lunacy is corrected.

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