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Docklands Light Railway Efficiency

I just saw one of the most efficient pieces of cleaning, I’ve seen in a long time.

I had boarded a DLR train from Canary Wharf station towards Stratford, when I noticed the floor in one section was absolutely filthy.  It looked like someone had spilt a full carton of coffee.

At the first station out of Canary Wharf, West India Quay, I was surprised to see a lady, in a high visibility vest enter the carriage, with what was best described as a good old-fashioned mop and pail in plastic. By Poplar, she had it finished and left the train and a beautifully clean floor.

Everybody was rightly impressed. The cleaner was even pleased that she finally discovered the errant coffee carton, that had hidden itself deep under a seat.

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Alexandra Palace

I went to Alexandra Palace station yesterday and then walked up the hill to Alexandra Palace itself.

Note if the visibility had been better, the views of the rest of London would have been very good.

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This Backlash Just Had to Happen

Last night in Rochdale, various factions attacked the takeaway and the police, that used to be owned by some of those on trial for sex offences in Liverpool Crown court.

And people wonder why Rochdale has such an awful run-down town centre.

With all the goings on there, would you let any of your children go near the place? And would you go there yourself, if there were a decent alternative nearby? Of course, you wouldn’t!

It strikes me before you try to build up the town centre, you must give it a steam clean first, to remove all the low life of whatever race they are to a place, where they can’t do any more damage.

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What It Is About Stuart?

Broad, Lancaster and Pearce

Can we have ever had three England captains or managers with the same first name?

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