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Football At Rochdale

My trip to the North was partly to see Ipswich play at Rochdale, which is a ground, that at which I’d not seen a match before.

I had been to the ground before, as when I went to all the ninety-two clubs in the Premier and Football Leagues in alphabetical order by public transport, I visited on a very hectic day 31, which is described in 92 Clubs – Day 31 – Rochdale, Rotherham, Scunthorpe, Sheffield United, Sheffield Wednesday.

On this visit, I took the Metrolink to Rochdale from outside the Arndale Centre and then it was a walk of thirty minutes, with the last section up a steep hill.

I did have a guide in a friendly Rochdale supporter.

This Google Map shows the route.

The football ground is in the North-East corner and the red the red arrow indicates  Rochdale Interchange, where the tram terminates.

  • My companion said there used to be a special football bus, but now there is just an occasional regular service.
  • I estimate the distance was about a kilometre and a half.

Going back, a very kind Ipswich supporter and his brother gave me a lift to the tram, which was much more a personal taxi, than mass transit.

It was a good night for the six hundred or so Ipswich fans, as Ipswich won by the ony goal and went back to the top of the League.


Most people seem to have driven to the ground and parked in the surrounding streets. As did my lift!

In London, supporters would be more likely to go to any sporting event on public transport, as it is more frequent and parking doesn’t exist.

As population gets more dense in Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester, public transport will have to get more comprehensive to serve new housing, as the roads will not be able to cope.

I should say, except for getting there, it was a good stadium to visit and the Away seats were some of the best, I’d used in a smaller ground.


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This Backlash Just Had to Happen

Last night in Rochdale, various factions attacked the takeaway and the police, that used to be owned by some of those on trial for sex offences in Liverpool Crown court.

And people wonder why Rochdale has such an awful run-down town centre.

With all the goings on there, would you let any of your children go near the place? And would you go there yourself, if there were a decent alternative nearby? Of course, you wouldn’t!

It strikes me before you try to build up the town centre, you must give it a steam clean first, to remove all the low life of whatever race they are to a place, where they can’t do any more damage.

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To illustrate how bad some of our town centres have become, BBC Breakfast is looking at Rochdale, where 1 in 6 of the shops are empty, today.

Surely the problems of Rochdale are going to get worse in the next couple of years, when they open the Metrolink to Manchester.

As it opens in Summer 2012, it looks like some of the rats have left before the ship sinks, making the problems worse. Dorothy Perkins, Mcdonalds and The Body Shop were named in the program.

It looks a classic case of planning a city bit-by-bit in isolation. The new Metrolink will bring people into the centre for their shopping. But it seems, they haven’t thought about Rochdale.

On my travels I did go to Eccles and that town surprised me.  So what have they done right in Eccles and wrong in Rochdale?

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