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Lord Sugar Doesn’t Back Ken For London Mayor

Lord Sugar is supposed to be a Labour Peer. But here are his words for Ken  Livingstone as reported in the Telegraph.

The Labour peer defied Ed Miliband by telling his 1.8 million followers on Twitter to reject the party’s official candidate.

The intervention could amount to a breach of party rules and is likely to damage the Labour campaign.

“I don’t care if Ed Miliband is backing Livingstone,” Lord Sugar wrote. “I seriously suggest NO ONE votes for Livingstone in the Mayoral elections.”

He added that the contest between the Conservative, Boris Johnson, and Mr Livingstone was a “real issue”. “Livingstone must NOT get in.”

Not very supportive.

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Two Pleased Ladies and a Happy Driver

Yesterday afternoon, I took a New Bus for London from Islington Green to the Balls Pond Road.  Because of the time of day and the weather, there were only about six people on the lower deck of the bus.

In front of me, were two ladies of a certain age and I asked them what they thought of the new bus.  They said, that they had so much space and seemed very pleased with it.

I then moved to the back and asked the driver/conductor, what the bus was like to drive.  He said he was happy with it, although the acceleration was a bit lively.

So perhaps they should be called Halley’s Comets after Edmond Halley, one of Hackney’s most famous citizens.

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The Louvre Does A Liverpool

The Times today reports, that the Louvre is opening a branch museum in Lens.  It suggests this might have been inspired by the success of the Tate Liverpool.

I suspect though that the French will charge in Lens, whereas, the only charge in Liverpool is for special exhibitions or in the excellent restaurant.

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From Ballymena With Love

According to this article in the Ballymena Times, the New Bus for London will feature in the new James Bond film, Skyfall.

The bus is set to feature in an action scene set in Trafalgar Square involving the 007 spy, played by Daniel Craig.

Surely, the designer of the bus, didn’t envisage it to be James Bond’s latest transport.

It does however mean that there is a lot of scope for film and book titles.

On the Hackney Express is the obvious one, as the buses at present go to Hackney Central on route 38.

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Putting The Stiletto In Deep

The wives of ambassadors, have an image, which probably owes a lot to the Ferroro Rocher adverts of a few years ago.

But now the wife of the German Ambassador to the UN, Huberta von Voss-Wittig and her British counterpart, Sheila Lyall Grant have made a video that apopeakls to Asma Assad to get her husband to stop the violence in Syria.

The video is shown in this report in the Guardian.

To say it doesn’t lack punch would be an understatement!

The sad thing though is that it will probably have no effect.

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The Scandal of the European Court of Justice

I’m not talking about any judgements, as that is for the court to decide.

But they have just said, that they have a waiting list of 150,000 cases. That is a true scandal.

I think in some jurisdictions, which might include Scotland, there is a time limit, before which a criminal case must be started, if the defendant is in custody.  If it isn’t then the defendant is released.

We need more thinking like that!


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