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A Visit To The V & A At Dundee

I took these pictures on a visit to the V & A At Dundee.

It should be noted that I was taking a lazy journey between Glasgow and Edinburgh, so I went via Dundee, where the new museum and other attractions are very close to the station.

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A Quick Visit To The German Museum Of Technology

I had time before my train left for Munich to have a quick visit to the German Museum of Technology.

As I do in most museums of this sort, I ended up in the printing section.

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Walking Around Berlin’s Museum Quarter

I took these pictures as I walked around Berlin’s Museum Quarter.

There is a lot of construction going on.

I spent about an hour in the Historical Museum finding about my Jewish ancestor, who  Ibelieve came from Konigsberg.

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Exploring The Historic Centre Of Las Palmas

I took a 30 bus from the port to the bus station at San Telmo and walked to the cathedral and back.

There is a lot to see as the pictures show.

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Museum de Cruquius

The Museum de Cruquius is just up the road from The Hague near Haarlem, although our journey up wasn’t the easiest, because the motorway was closed.

It is well worth a visit as it shows a tremendous amount about how the Dutch have kept water at bay.

The enormous steam engine, which sadly doesn’t work, was actually built in Cornwall.

When I see a museum and engine like this, I do think it sad that London’s massive sewage engines at Crossness were just filled with sand and abandoned in the 1960s.

Both sites incidentally, are about the same age!

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Lottery Grants To Museums And Heritage

This article on the BBC web site details the grants to various museums and heritage organisations.

I am pleased that one local to me; the Geffyre Museum is getting a grant.

The Geffrye Museum in London, which specialises in the history of the English domestic interior, is being given £11m.

The funding will allow the development of a new entrance from Hoxton station, accessible spaces for the collections, library and archive, new learning facilities and a new cafe.

The second entrance from Hoxton station is to be welcomed and I hope they make sure that the cafe serves gluten-free offerings.

One thing I feel strongly about is that all lottery-funded attractions, should have good access for those like me, who can’t or don’t drive.

Obviously some on today’s list like the Geffryre and Science Museums and Lincoln Cathedral are accessible by rail, but this isn’t always the case.

Jodrell Bank is a place, I would like to visit, but on looking up travel  information on their web site, it has to be a taxi from the nearest stations. That is just not good enough and a real pity considering that Jodrell Bank lies virtually alongside the rail line between Manchester and Crewe.

Jodrell Bank And The Manchester-Crewe Railway

Jodrell Bank And The Manchester-Crewe Railway

A station would be expensive, but I’m certain that many European countries would have provided something better than expecting visitors to take a taxi, especially as the nearest station at Goostrey is only served by one train an hour. It would be interesting to see what would happen, if the service was twice an hour and there was a free shuttle bus to Jodrell Bank.

In my view anything that makes science more accessible and also puts Jodrell Bank on a sound financial footing is to be welcomed.

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DAM – German Architectural Museum

The Deutsches Architektur Museum was recommended in my guide book.

It cost me nine euros to enter to see a presentation of photographs of the main modern buildings of Frankfurt with descriptions.

There is no directly similar museum in London, although Crossrail have recently put on some excellent free displays of both their archaeology and architecture.

I wouldn’t return to this museum, unless I was travelling with an architect, who thought it a must-see!

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The Icelandic National Museum

The Icelandic National Museum was worth a visit. It is a modern building above the city and the displays are well laid out and highly informative with copious notes.

Note the picture of the curious three-seater seat, which could be mistaken for a luxury three-hole commode. There were several like these and the slots in the sides hold descriptions of the exhibits around you. This was a clever idea, that other galleries and museums could borrow.

There is also an excellent cafe with free wi-fi and perhaps more importantly for some, proper teapots.

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A Day Out In Portsmouth

I’ve been to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard before, but as my yearly ticket can be used as many times as I like for £24.25, I thought I had better go again. I chose today, as the weather looked it might by sunny in the afternoon. I got the weather wrong, as it was sunny from when I arrived in Portsmouth Harbour station at about 12:30, courtesy of South West Trains for £23.30 in ninety minutes.

I walked to Carluccio’s in the Gunwharf Quays shopping centre by the station so I could have some lunch. But it would be much nicer if there was a direct connection between the station and the shopping centre.

Every time I visit Portsmouth there seems to be more to see, especially in the Dockyard.

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A Fabulous Building! Shame About The Art!

These pictures show the quality of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

Unfortunately, it had a collection of the most indulgent and useless art I’ve ever seen.

Except of course for the marvellous Puppy. But you don’t need to go in to see that.

That was the only art with any colour, except grey and brown.

One whole floor was given over to enormous curved steel structures. They would have been so much better in a public space, rather than hidden in a museum.

But the worst piece, was a slide carousel showing continuous images on the wall. All of the slides were blank. If that’s art, I’m a Chinaman!

I would advise visiting the museum on a fine, sunny Monday, as I did.As then, the museum is closed and you can just enjoy the building, the Puppy and their setting.

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