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Yorkshire Would Be Eleventh In The Medal Table

Yorkshire Radio reporter, Jonathan Buchan calculated yesterday, that Britain’s largest county, Yorkshire would be eleventh in the Olympic medal table above Japan, South Africa and Australia.  Since then the Brownlee brothers have won a gold and a bronze medal, so they must have moved up a bit.

If they get a couple more, they might just edge above Germany. They’re probably well above Prussia already!

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  1. STOP FIGHTING . . . “the war of the Roses” . . . don’t downgrade the cohesion of this Brilliant Success of Team GB . . . if different counties pull in different directions, you lose Synergism.

    I am so proud of Team GB . . . not only What they won Medals & PBs . . . but how they fought, for those wins.

    Don’t lose all this Momentum, by encouraging it to be carved up into the LCD {lowest common denominator} . . .

    How Idiotic would it be to remove Team GB from Number Three on the medal tally to distribute the Tallies among the Counties.

    If you split up your Team GB in Cycling Medals, these are actually OZ Medals, because we shared with them Our Coaches & Our Training Facilities . . . none of the Team GB have to have their Moment of Glory . . . hijacked by counties . . . the Team are the ones who gave their all {travelling to Oz, EU & various Diamond & World Championships . . .

    Share their Success . . . Sure, but it is all of Team GB & GB to share. PLUS Boris & London . . . Success cab be Fin . . . Enjoy.

    Comment by Steam Lover | August 7, 2012 | Reply

    • Most parts of the UK pull together when it matters, using individual characteristics for the good of the whole. Some parts rarely produce any great sportsmen. Suffolk is like that and it’s only got one athlete in the Games. But then Suffolk rarely produces any actors, let alone a great one. On the other hand, it has produced great artists, sculptors, composers and theatre directors. And of course, Bernie Ecclestone!

      It will be interesting to read what is said about life in the Olympic Village, when the true stories come out!

      Comment by AnonW | August 8, 2012 | Reply

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