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‘Earthquake Mode’ Battery Packs To Be Fitted To N700S Shinkansen Fleet

The title of this post is the same as that of this article on the Railway Gazette.

The Japanese are fitting batteries into the latest N700S Shinkansen trains.

  • Eight of the sixteen cars will be fitted with batteries.
  • It is quoted that they may be for rescue modes at low speed.
  • The batteries seem to be a proven component from Toshiba.

I would be very surprised if they didn’t handle the regenerative braking.

I feel in a few years time, no manufacturer will build a train without batteries, as it will save energy and provide a rescue mode.

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Rugby Is A Team Game And So Is Formula One!

On Saturday morning, the Japanese rugby team, showed how teamwork is important, as they hardly seemed to make a mistake.

The Welsh and the Australians, both played their parts in an excellent match.

And then we had the Russian Grand Prix at lunchtime!

Mercedes got the teamwork like clockwork and they won.

As to Ferrari, the two drivers felt out with each other and Vettel didn’t obey team orders.

I have watched Formula One for many years, and every so often Ferrari seem to lose the plot!


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Perhaps We Should Ask The Japanese To Sort Out The Problem Of The Irish Backstop?

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Toyota Fuel Cell Buses Expected To Be Big Seller Of Hydrogen At 2020 Tokyo Olympics

The title of this post is the same as that of this article on Hydrogen Fuel News.

This is the first paragraph.

Toyota fuel cell buses are likely to be the clean transportation to take center stage at the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. The Japanese automaker intends to roll out 100 of these buses at the event to shuttle visitors between venues.

It would appear to be an exercise to publicise their technology.

If you read the Wikipedia entry for hydrogen fuel cell buses, no-one has yet built and deployed a fleet as large as Toyota’s for the Olympics.

The UK has two major deployments of hydrogen fuel cell double deck buses, under development, that I wrote about in the following posts.

In 2012, I went to a lecture about the New Routemaster Bus at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, which I wrote about in The Development of the New Bus for London.

Wrightbus had obviously done their research and I got the impression, that designers can put heavy and bulky components all over the place in a modern double-decker bus.

On the New Routemaster components are placedas follows.

  • The single traction motor is under the floor.
  • The battery is under the front stairs.
  • The Cummins diesel engine is half-way up the back stairs.

As the New Routemaster is based on a specially-designed chassis and not a standard one from Volvo or Mercedes, I wonder if to be successful, a hydrogen-powered bus needs a custom-designed chassis, to properly accommodate the various components.

  • Traction motor
  • Hydrogen tank
  • Hydrogen fuel cell
  • Battery

It certainly looks like Toyota have gone down this route. But then they can afford to for the Tokyo Olympics.

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Japanese Car Rental Firms Discover New Trend Of Renting Vehicles For A Nap Or Quiet Lunch

The title of this post is the same as that of this story on The World News.

It was flagged up first on BBC Breakfast.

But is it any difference to my behaviour?

I generally get up, do all my daily chores and have a bath.

Then, I’ll go out about nine and take an Overground train or a bus to somewhere quiet for breakfast.

I will sometimes go as far as Richmond for breakfast in Leon.

And if the weather is hot like is it is now, I might even just sit on an air-conditioned train and read my paper or watch the news on my phone, stopping where I fancy for a coffee or a drink.

All I need to ensure, is that at some point, I stop off at a Marks and Spencer to get the food I need for supper.

Courtesy of my Freedom Pass, all this travel costs me a big fat zilch.

I call it Freedoming.

Today, though I’m roaming a bit further; Manchester. Hopefully, I’ll get a ride in one of the new Class 195 trains to Manchester Airport.


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Stop It! Phone App Cries Out To Deter Japan Subway Gropers

The title of this post, is the same as that of an article on page 31 of today’s Times.

An app has been developed and deployed in Japan, where if a lady being groped on the Subway if she presses a button on the app, it displays an appropriate message on her phone.

If the groper persists, then another button, shouts out a message.

As a regular traveller on crowded London Underground and Overground trains, I know groping goes on, but I have never seen it happen, except between obviously consenting couples, who arrived and left together.

Although, you do get the odd bumping at times, but usually smiles and a sorry, say it is a genuine accident.

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A Proposed Trip To Japan

Over the last few months, I have made references to battery trains built by Hitachi running in Japan.

C and myself, bought the guide for Japan, but we didn’t get far in planning a holiday there, as she became ill, with the cancer that killed her.

So perhaps now is the time to go to Japan and explore.

  • The plan would be to spend a couple of weeks or so at the end of March, in a decent hotel in Tokyo and explore the country by train.
  • Most of the places, I want to visit are served by bullet trains.
  • I might also have a few days in South Korea.

If anybody has any ideas or suggestions, then please contact me.

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Japanese Trains With Batteries

If Bombardier in Derby and the Germans in Chemnitz (Karl Marx Stadt to Jeremy and the Corbedians)  are addressing battery technology, you could be sure that the Japanese would have ideas and there is this article in Railway Gazette, which is entitled Emergency batteries for Tokyo Metro trains.

This is said.

Nippon Sharyo Series 1000 trainsets operating on Tokyo Metro’s Ginza Line have been fitted with Toshiba onboard emergency batteries so that they can reach the next station under their own power in the event of a traction supply failure.

Toshiba says the SCiB lithium-ion battery is well-suited to emergency use, being resistant to external shock, internal short circuits and thermal runaway. It recharges rapidly, has a long life and a high effective capacity over a wide range of environmental conditions.

The battery draws power from the third rail during normal operation, and can supply the traction system in the event of power outage or other emergency. It can also be used for train movements within depots.

I also said this in Bombardier’s Plug-and-Play Train,

I wouldn’t rule out that all Class 345 trains were fitted with some form of onboard energy storage.

The main reasons are all given in the article about Japanese trains.

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Battery Trains In Japan

Some think I’m wrong about battery trains and believe they will never catch on! But none of the doubters are engineers or physicists, and perhaps more importantly none rode the amazing Class 379 BEMU, when it was being trialled last year in Essex.

I have just searched for battery trains and found this article on the Rail Journal web site entitled Battery-Electric Trains For Japan’s Oga Line. This is said.

EAST Japan Railway Company (JR East) has announced plans to carry out trials with ac battery-electric multiple units (BEMUs) on the 26.6km Oga Line in Japan’s northern Akita prefecture from Spring 2017.

But this is not an experiment, as this is said later.

The Oga Line will be the second line on the JR east network to benefit from BEMU operation, following the introduction of EV-E301 series trains on the Karasuyama Line in Tochigi Prefecture in March 2014.

If the Japanese use BEMU (IPEMU in the UK!) technology in daily service, it can’t be their version of Mickey Mouse! The train is called an EV-E301, and looks a professional train, even if a bit spartan for use in the UK.

I just wonder when George Osborne makes his Autumn Statement today, will he be announcing new battery-electric trains or IPEMUs for all?

In my view, it’s the only way to electrify large parts of the UK and reduce the costs of electrification!



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The Most Surprising News Of The Day

I must say, I was surprised that Hitachi are going to make London the worldwide headquarters of their rail business.

It is reported here on the BBC.

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