The Anonymous Widower

How Little Possessions Matter!

Melanie Reid, who is one of my favourite columnists, has a piece today in The Times about how little possessions matter to her now, after breaking her back in a horse riding accident. It is one of her best, but then most are and that’s why she was last year’s Newspaper columnist of the year.

She talks about how possessions and what she calls stuff have lost their significance to her.  I would also say that since the loss of my wife and son to cancer and my stroke, there’s one thing that matters to me above all.  And that is my brain.  If one pair of shoes is more comfortable than another, then they are better.

I used to love driving and now all my cars have gone. But then I have no intention of driving again. But then too many idiots can drive, but how many have taken a train all the way to Nice and back as I have. And how many have wangled their way into the cab of an HST between Edinburgh and Inverness.

I got the latter because of my most treasured possession and something I won’t gve away; my brain. It may not be perfect, but at least all the memory and creative bits are still there.

Melanie finishes her piece about how when being searched for a flight, she started to feel the hands of the security guard and says that things are still happening. A similar thing happened to me, when a young lady pushed her supermarket basket into my left leg and apologised. I said she needn’t, as I had felt it and that was good for my left leg.  So we laughed about it and carried on queuing. Perhaps, I should have asked her out for a drink, but that would be pushing my luck. The next time it happens I will.

Let’s hope she’s brown eyed and haired, as I lived with a blue-eyed blonde for forty years, and a change would be nice.

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  1. An Interesting Snapshot of Life . . . we can either look at the door that just shut . . .

    Or Move on, and Enjoy al these new Open Doors . . .

    Comment by Steam Lover | August 11, 2012 | Reply

  2. My belief is that attitude is the key. Feeling happy and content inside is worth more than all of the possessions in life.

    Comment by 5kidswdisabilities | August 12, 2012 | Reply

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