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An Amazing Tale

The remarkable story of the wartime exploits of Ken Gatward was flagged up in The Times today. This is his obituary from the Independent.

His raid on Paris was the classic idea to wind up the Nazis.

I am reminded of the Mosquitos that after bombing Germany used to go through the streets of Dutch cities at tree-top heights, whilst the Dutch threw their hats in the air and cheered. Whilst visiting Ballast Needham in Amstelveen, I got talking about it with one of their engineers.  He said his father had told him about the amazing sight and noise as they echoed through the houses.

So,etimes these days, we seem to have lost sight of the maxim told me by an old Colonel – In case of war, burn all rule books.

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  1. Low Flying certainly inspiring . . . one year when I was at the ANZAC Day March in Katherine Northern Territory . . . Two Hornet Jets flew down the Stuart Highway at low level {wing tip to wing tip}.

    The Soldiers Memorial was next to River & High Level Bridge . . . where everybody gathered . . . at the bridge the two Hornet jets started to climb skywards & performing aerobatics . . .very inspritaional..

    How much more Important were the RAF Mosquito Crews during World War 2 . . .
    The RAF not only took the fight up to the Enemy . . . but were Daily letting the the Europeans know . , , that the Brits were fighting on & could not be conquered.

    Comment by Steam Lover | November 28, 2012 | Reply

    • We and the Yanks wasted hundreds of thousands of men and masses of money on four-engined bombers, when Mosquitos could have brought Germany to its knees. The trouble was that those at the top thought it wasn’t macho enough. But it could carry almost as much a bomb load as a Flying Fortress and could bomb Germany twice in one night with two crews of two, The Mosquito’s only problem was that it got eaten by termites in the tropics.

      At least the Kiwis are getting one flying again.

      Comment by AnonW | November 29, 2012 | Reply

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