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America, The Sick Man Of The World

Two of the stories I posted yesterday, showed the state the US is in.  The first was the story of prisons in the US, and Alabama in particular. I started it with the words.

This story from the United States is terrible.

I felt it couldn’t get worse.  But it course of did with the massacre of children in Connecticut.

The story of Gary McKinnon was really about America bullying a poor unfortunate, rather than fixing their leaky computer systems and treating him in the way he would have been in most other countries of the world.

We have also had the excursions into Afghanistan and Iraq, to wreak vengeance for the attacks on New York and Washington on September 11th, 2009. Sadly we were drawn into these ill-thought out adventures.

It’s funny too, how the three main companies being castigated for their tax position are all American.

I could also add in the stunts of bankers based in New York, which started the collapse of the worldwide banking system, the death penalty and the failed prison and justice system and a healthcare system that is the joke of the civilised world.

I shall not be going to the United States ever again and I will not buy products from American companies, where there is an alternative.

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  1. In America nearly 10 000 people have died this year by handguns, 4th highest in the world…compared to 14 in the UK. Wish they’d learn their lesson and be a lot stricter about firearms.

    Comment by studentlondon3 | December 15, 2012 | Reply

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