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Now That’s What I Call A Growing Green Business!

I took this picture as I walked back from the bus stop to my house, this morning.

For the third of our three children, we used a nappy service, where every day or so, a guy would collect a bucket of soiled cotton nappies and return a pile of clean ones.

I have images in my mind of C unwrapping them and burying her face in the pile, as it was just one of those experiences she liked. Later in life, I saw her do it with towels in a five-star hotel in Hong Kong.

Our service was provided by a guy with a van, but surely a bicycle takes a nappy service to a new level.

So many of my generation, who used real nappies on their children, swear that the children preferred them.

Certainly, with a nappy service, they were a lot easier.

I have explored the sewers of London, which I wrote about in We’re Really In It Now. The flushers told me, that disposable nappies along with wet wipes and fat from fast food eateries, are the three major problems in the sewers

So disposable nappies might be convenient, but they have to be filtered out and go into landfill.

My best wishes for Nappy Ever After in the future!

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Did Aberfan Change My Thinking About Coal?

I have just watched a moving piece by John Humphrys on the BBC, which describes Aberfan now and compares it to what he remembers from fifty years ago.

Growing up in London, I remember the awful smogs of the 1950s caused by domestic coal smoke, so that might have had an affect on my thinking.

But I have been strongly anti-coal for as long as I can remember and I suspect that the tragedy of Aberfan, finally sealed its fate in my mind.

Coal mining tragedies used to happen regularly at that time all over the world and I probably felt it was just too high a price to pay for energy.

I must be one of the few people, who felt, through all of this country’s coal mining troubles of the latter twentieth-century, that the mines should be shut immediately.

I always remember an article in the Guardian, that stated that miners should be retrained into teams, that went round and insulated our pathetic housing stock. If you’ve ever put insulation into a roof, in some cases, it’s very much akin to Victorian coal-mining in reverse.

After all the greenest form of energy, is not to have to generate it in the first place.

I have solar panels on the flat roof of my three-bedroomed house, and even in the Autumn, I only use 50 KwH of electricity and 20 units of gas every week.


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Andrea Leadsom’s Lack Of Judgement

Andrea Leadsom may now have apologised to Theresa May according to this article on the BBC, but I believe the whole affair, shows a remarkable lack of judgement on her part.

In some ways it’s personal to me, as my family has a rather unusual genetic trait.

I have traced me male line back to The Tailor of Bexley in 1800 or so, and I’m certain that is where my coeliac disease came from.

What is curious, is that most women born into the direct male line of the family seem unable to have children, although nieces of the direct line have managed it.

It seems that if you’re the daughter of a coeliac in my family, you can’t have children.

You might say, as I’m a man, who only fathered sons, how am I affected?

Looking back on my family history, it has been riven with arguments and at the bottom of this, there has been the problems of some very strong females, both born in and married to the family.

I’ve also met others, who have similar problems in their families, which leads me to the conclusion, that the significant problem of childless women, should be left to themselves, their family and their doctors.

So to bring it up as an election issue, is just not on. In fact, as Michael Gove was adopted, you can accuse her of other things as well. I lived with an adopted woman for forty years and they are both proud and sensitive about their status.

As a Prime Minister, Leadsom will have to deal with lots of sensitive subjects and I don’t think she has the judgement and tact to handle some of the more difficult problems of this country and the wider world.

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Three Parent Babies

MPs are set to debate the ethics of so-called three parent babies today.

I was reasonably lucky with my three children and there won’t be any more, as I’m had the snip.

But I’m certain, that C, would have been distraught, if she’d produced a string of handicapped babies. I certainly would have been and any technique that stopped problems is to be welcomed.

So let’s hope narrow-minded religious minorities don’t stop the adoption of this technique.

It is interesting to read this article in the Telegraph, which gives the view of Lord Winston, who is an Orthodox Jew

On a related point, I have a genetic disease, but sadly I only found out about my coeliac disease, when I was fifty. If I’d known earlier, it might have meant that my son, who died from cancer, had been found to carry the disease, so perhaps he would have led a better lifestyle.

If it had been known to earlier generations of my father’s family, I suspect that the family wouldn’t contain the large number of childless females and those who have suffered from serious cancer that it does.


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Children Should Go Free On The Buses

This story from the BBC says that the Liberal Democrats want all children to go free on the buses.

Not having been a child for many years and having no contact with any now, I thought that as in London, all children do go free.

But they don’t!

I think it will be a good idea, especially as reports in London recently have shown that this policy has cut the number of children getting injured on the roads.

It is interesting that the BBC illustrates their story with one of the Hackney Eight.

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How To Get Your Own Back At The Devil

This story from the Standard about two brothers, Bob and Paul Forkan, who were orphaned by the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, have fought back from adversity, by starting a company making flip-flops called Gandys.

So don’t ever give up! You’ll only encourage her!

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Nude Cyclists For Jesus Convention

Every so often a series of amusing letters appears in The Times.

Yesterday, they were talking about people holding up signs to greet relatives at airports. This absolute gem was posted.

As a tender-hearted mother I have driven many miles to collect my sons from far-flung airports at all hours. It is a small compensation to take with me a large greeting sign, often along the lines of “Nude Cyclists for Jesus Convention” or similar. It amuses me.

I can’t see C or most of the mothers I know, ever putting up a sign like that for one of their children.

On the other hand, the letter writer seems to be my kind of lady, as I like to think I don’t do boring either, and C stated many times, that she married me, because she knew life wouldn’t be boring.

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Mother’s Day

As someone, who is widowed and doesn’t have a mother anymore, this is one of the days I wish didn’t happen. I actually don’t know my two daughter-in-laws and my grandchildren, which is particularly sad.  But then you can’t cater for circumstances.

If I want to eat out with my other son today, then we’ll have difficulty finding somewhere decent.

I do hate these single-issue days.  Surely, everybody should respect their mother and father all the year! And not just on one day of the year!

These days, were only invented to sell cards and flowers.

C always hated Mother’s Day, as it was some foreign invention.  To her it was Mothering Sunday, which was often on a different day.  But I can’t ever remember us celebrating any of Mother’s Day, Mothering Sunday or Father’s Day, except by the odd card. We did usually celebrate Valentine’s Day, as I remarked here.

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Surrogate Mothers

The Times magazine had a large article about gay parents, who use surrogate mothers to give birth to their children.

As a father I can understand the mentality of those who want to be the mother or father of a child, but I’ve always found it difficult to comprehend the mind of the women who carry the baby. All of the mothers, I’ve known would be unlikely to go through all the problems and pain of childbirth and then give the baby away.

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Three Young Children

It is often said, that children are too protected these days.

But a couple of days ago, I was walking to the bus and noticed three children, where the eldest was about six waiting impeccably for the pedestrian lights to change, so they could cross the road.

A few seconds later they walked quickly across the road on the green and joined the queue at the bus stop to wait for the bus.

It was immaculate behaviour, by those that are generally not given that level of responsibility for their own safety.

Incidentally, my mother used to take me to the 107 bus, when I was about six or seven and sit me in the back by the conductor to send me to my aunt’s house in Enfield.

I wonder if this will start to happen on the New Bus for London?

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