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Two Gold Post Boxes In Leeds

I took this picture in Leeds on Saturday.

Two Gold Post Boxes In Leeds

Two Gold Post Boxes In Leeds

Someone must have won a gold medal at the Olympics. But then Yorkshire did better than Australia!

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Do We Need A Bank?

Nationwide seem to have got it right here, even if I didn’t get the whole slogan in the picture.

Do We Need A Bank?

Do We Need A Bank?

But I think the only reason for having a bank, is to have a nice warm place on a cold, wet day to go into, to use the cash machine.

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Were The Pigs Telling Porkies?

In the case of Plebgate, it certainly seems that some are being economical with the truth, just as the police were after Hillsborough.

We will probably never learn the truth about this.  I just suspect that both parties might have been tired after a hard day and something said out of turn by one side just escalated.

I’m lucky in that I’ve never had a confrontation with the police and have only been threatened with arrest once.  That was incidentally, when I was about eighteen and I was hitching home with a bag with my clothes in it. I was having bad luck with lifts and was walking through Elstree about two in the morning. A beat officer wanted to check my bag and initially I said no. Only when I was threatened with arrest did he get a look at the dirty washing, I was taking home to my mother.

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US Gun Statistics

This article on US gun statistics is fascinating.

You can draw your own conclusions, but I will say this.  Everybody who dies in a shooting, whether deliberate or by accident, is a tragedy for more than just that person.

I know what grief feels like and it’s not pleasant!

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How Can Governments Be So Stupid?

This story of how the French government has forced Gerard Depardieu to become a tax exile has been repeated through the years in many countries and it always ends up with less money being collected, the brightest and the best leaving and job losses.  Usually too, you find out later that those politicians behind it, have made provisions to hide their income.

Every country needs to find ways of keeping all of their best people at home.  But of course only by using totally fair and humane methods.

So how can they do this?

Obviously low personal taxes do help.  And I don’t just mean income taxes, but capital gains ones as well. After all, many people who create one fortune, have a record of going on to create another, which means further employment and tax revenues from all places. But then there are people who don’t believe that if you lower taxes you raise more money! You may not, but if you frame the rules right and cut down on tax avoidance, you should get an increase.

Quality of life is also important. I live in London and I have a very good quality of life. I live fairly cheaply and get all my healthcare free.  I even get all of my local public transport free. Obviously, others have other priorities, but as in France, most people can find a good lifestyle to suit their pocket.

So I think, that governments should probably concentrate on getting the basics of life right for its inhabitants. That means a good basic services, like education, police, fire and refuse collection and a health service that works for all.

Governments must also create opportunities for all levels.  At the bottom, they put all sorts of administrative barriers in the way of the unemployed in getting well-paid work. If say I wanted to employ an eighteen-year-old to help me sort out this house, the barriers would be immense.  So consequently, when I do, it’ll probably be a friend’s son and cash-in-hand. At the top level, governments always give out contracts to their friends. How many computer contracts have been let to companies, who’ve failed before?

Napoleon once said that Britain is a nation of shopkeepers.  He was wrong in that, we’re probably a nation of entrepreneurs. We all seem to want to be our own boss. And what’s wrong with that? Nothing in the eye of most of us, but to some politicians it’s anathema.

I don’t believe the French are any different, as probably are the much-maligned Pakistanis and Somalis.

So governments should just create an environment that makes us all want to stay here and create employment, which hopefully pays enough taxes to keep the process continuing.

France has done everyone a favour, by conducting an experiment that belongs to the past.  It failed then and it will fail now.


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