The Anonymous Widower

C’s Worst Nightmares

Reading the story about the little girl taken to Pakistan against her mother’s wishes, reminds me of C’s worst nightmares in her job as a family barrister.

The first was obviously not being able to protect a client from a violent partner. I don’t think she actually had it happen, although she was very worried, that a body found on a Norfolk beach, was a former client. I know she was critical of the law in that she felt as time progressed judges couldn’t give the same level of protection to clients.

Strangely, I can’t remember any child being abducted, whilst she was dealing with the case.  Although, she did go to court to get children returned to the jurisdiction.

I can remember though, her discussing how some countries that you might find were a nightmare to deal with were not and others you think would be easy weren’t. It all depends on whether the country has signed and/or adheres to the Hague Convention.

In one case, a child had been abducted to a southern state of the United States and she wondered if it would be a difficult case.  Everything was organised by phone and fax and the Americans said to send a responsible adult like a social worker. I think though she did have a difficult case concerning a country much nearer to home.

So the happy ending to today’s case fits the rather random pattern. Although it did take a long time to resolve.

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