The Anonymous Widower

C’s Worst Nightmares

Reading the story about the little girl taken to Pakistan against her mother’s wishes, reminds me of C’s worst nightmares in her job as a family barrister.

The first was obviously not being able to protect a client from a violent partner. I don’t think she actually had it happen, although she was very worried, that a body found on a Norfolk beach, was a former client. I know she was critical of the law in that she felt as time progressed judges couldn’t give the same level of protection to clients.

Strangely, I can’t remember any child being abducted, whilst she was dealing with the case.  Although, she did go to court to get children returned to the jurisdiction.

I can remember though, her discussing how some countries that you might find were a nightmare to deal with were not and others you think would be easy weren’t. It all depends on whether the country has signed and/or adheres to the Hague Convention.

In one case, a child had been abducted to a southern state of the United States and she wondered if it would be a difficult case.  Everything was organised by phone and fax and the Americans said to send a responsible adult like a social worker. I think though she did have a difficult case concerning a country much nearer to home.

So the happy ending to today’s case fits the rather random pattern. Although it did take a long time to resolve.

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Does A Country, Company Or Organisation Need A Woman At The Top?

There has been a lot of news today about the release under the thirty-year-rule of secret documents concerning Margaret Thatcher and various subjects like the Falklands War, Jimmy Savile and her son, Mark.

Nothing is particularly contentious, except perhaps the fact that someone misjudged what was happening in Argentina and gave Mrs. Thatcher bad information. But then the Secret Intelligence Service, didn’t give Tony Blair the best information either.

On the other hand, when dealing with Mark lost in the desert, she seems to have acted to make sure that the state didn’t pay for her son’s folly.

If we go through the history of the United Kingdom, you’ll find that at various dark hours, women have been to the fore. You could start a list with Boudicca, Elizabeth the First, Victoria and Margaret Thatcher. You could argue that our current Queen has been a safe pair of hands for most of her life. She was also part of that vast army of women, who stepped in to fill the gaps in the factories, in transport and as support staff during the Second World War. Hitler didn’t mobilise the German women and he of course lost. Some historians say the mobilisation of women in the UK, was a major factor.

I would argue that you don’t need to have a woman at the top,but once you have, it changes a lot of the culture, even if it’s just other talented women believe they can get there.  And competition is always healthy, as it promotes the best!

Look at Margaret Thatcher’s effect on British politics. Before her stint as Prime Minister, there were few women at the top in British politics and there have been a lot more since she resigned.

Look at the basket cases of the Eurozone!  How many of them have had a woman Prime Minister or President.  Only Ireland and that is the one country in trouble, that is making progress towards sorting its finances.

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An Aptly Named Program

I switched on the television to get the News at Six on the BBC.  Instead I’ve got the most aptly named program called Pointless Celebrities.

Are they anything else?

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Savile And Margaret Thatcher

The recently released papers show lots of details of meetings between Jimmy Savile and Margaret Thatcher. The details are here on the BBC.

It would appear that Margaret Thatcher did nothing untoward. In fact some of things that were suggested by Savile, were being thought of by the government anyway.

So there doesn’t seem to be much guilt by association here!

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A Wee Club In The North East

Not my words, but those of Sir Alex Ferguson about Newcastle United as reported on the BBC.

He has a point as what trophies have Newcastle won since Ipswich Town won the old First Division Championship in 1961-62.

One day though, Sir Alex will say something that really gets him into trouble.

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Spanish Bank Of Snow White And The Six Dwarfs Is Worthless

This headline on this article in today’s Times, gets my vote as one of the best headlines of the year.

It refers to the Spanish bank called Bankia. The BBC has the story here, but the headline isn’t as good.

And we reckon our banks were bad enough.

After reading the two articles, I will make sure, I don’t go anywhere near a branch of Santander, as I might be kidnapped to help sort out the Spanish banks. After all, I’m worth more than Bankia, which according to the BBC article has a negative value of over ten billion euros.

I suspect that everybody in the UK, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Australia and many other countries is actually worth more than Bankia. Even if they have unfortunately been declared bankrupt.

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Celebrities And Science

Sense About Science, has published a article called 2012 Celebrities and Science.

There are the usual wacky ideas, but it is good to see that s0me celebrities have asked Sense About Science to help them get their facts right.

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Romney Opens A Window On His Mind

This report in the Telegraph proves that voters in the United States made the right choice for President.

If he wants to fly with the window open on an aircraft, he should try a light one, like a Piper Arrow.


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Aspall’s New Bottle

I went to the Barbican cinema yesterday to see the film, Safety Not Guaranteed. The link is to the review in the Guardian, which gets it about right.

I did though get a bottle of Aspall’s cyder to take in to the screening. The draught cyder was in a new shape bottle.

Aspall's New Bottle

Aspall’s New Bottle

It looked different and I suspect it saves glass and energy, but at least the cyder tasted the same.

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I Didn’t Get On The iBus

I let this bus go when I got to the stop.

I Didn't Get On The iBus

I Didn’t Get On The iBus

I don’t like it’s up front advertising especially for Apple products, but I was talking to a guy with an adorable ten week old baby in his arms. Anyway with 38 buses, you only have to wait a minute or so for another one. And when it did turn up, it was a New Bus for London. These are now saying that they accept credit cards.

Credit Cards On The Buses

Credit Cards On The Buses

Who needs a car, when personal transport is so frequent. It did seem to me though, that with all that advertising the iBus was rather slower than the new bus I was on.

The Slow iBus

The Slow iBus

I’m always reminded of the joke about how you make an Apple computer go faster.  You drop it from a taller building.

The New Buses for London seem to be faster over a distance than the standard ones.  I think partly it’s due to the hybrid drive, which gives good acceleration, but also as passengers seem to get on and off a lot quicker.

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