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Meandering Through The Snow

Today, I wanted to do two things.

First, I was going to Broadway Market to track down an old friend of C’s, who I knew had a relative with a shop there.

And then I was intending to go to a restaurant called Pappagone in Stroud Green Road to have lunch with an old friend.

I intended to get to Broadway Market by taking a 236 bus direct from Newington Green, just up the road from my house.  As you an see, it was snowy, but the conditions weren’t too difficult.

Newington Green In The Snow

Newington Green In The Snow

The 236 is rather an untypical London bus, as it more like a country bus, that meanders around various communities as it goes on its way. It was full and comfortable an d got me safely to Broadway Market, although it probably took longer than normal due to the weather.

I didn’t find C’s friend, but I met a man who knew her and gave him my card before returning to the bus to take it all the way to its terminus at Finsbury Park station. but the stop was closed due to roadworks and I couldn’t get to the next one, before the 236 bus arrived. Then a 394 bus arrived going the other way and I decided it was better to take this to Angel station. I didn’t get that far, as the roads were slightly blocked and I then swapped to a 271 to take me to Highbury and Islington station, which would enable me to take one stop to Finsbury Park station. From there I intended to walk up Stroud Green Road

If it all sounds complicated, you have to remember that South Hackney is mainly densely packed buildings, with few main roads.  Hence the meandering routes of the buses.

It might have been better, if the Chelsea Hackney line had been built after the Jubilee line as was originally planned. But not that much better, as there is no direct Underground connection between Angel and Highbury and Islington stations.

At Finsbury Park station my troubles weren’t over, as there was no staff about to tell me how to get out in Stroud Green Road and the sign had been obscured by a notice board. I also had the disadvantage, in that although I’ve changed trains at the station many times, I’ve never emerged above ground there. Eventually, i found my way and walked up the road to Pappagone.

Up Stroud Green Road In The Snow

Up Stroud Green Road In The Snow

The weather wasn’t too bad, but I could have taken a bus up the hill if I’d needed to.

I had some very good gluten-free pasta at the restaurant and after a couple of hours or so, we took the 210 bus to Archway, where she went home and I took the Underground.

A quick change at Angel station onto a 38 bus and I was on the last leg home.

This trip illustrates how London or in fact any other city with a decent public transport system generally copes well with snow, as you can change your plans according to circumstances.

I always remember as a child, that the buses then, didn’t perform as well as the modern ones, which have most of the weight over the driving wheels and better tyres to boot. I saw a couple of New Buses for London and they seemed to be coping well, but strangely they had more snow on the roof, despite it being more curvy than the older buses. Perhaps the roof is better insulated!

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