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Fox Attacks Nanny’s Ugg Boots

This story from the Standard shows how confused the urban fox is these days.

Remember that foxes are not native to Australia, although they have been introduced, and I actually saw one in the middle of nowhere at Goondiwindi.

So the boots being Australian didn’t know how to protect themselves and give the poor animal a good kicking.

It’s about time we got real about foxes and realised that they are dangerous vermin.

Basil Brush has a lot to answer for!


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  1. Protecting Our Ugg Boots : In Oz we shot foxes from a Ford Custom Ute, set up as shooting wagon, to protect the Sheep so that one day their skins were made into Ugg Boots.

    To Shoot Foxes, using a an Aircraft Landing as a Spot Light, you Sweep the paddocks for the slightest flicker of White Eyes. Move the Spot off the target to elswhere, so Fox stops moving {still eating its kill} . . . and get closer to the white flicker.

    Then full bore & turn into fox . . . a padded frame with two shooters each side of Spot Light . . . Browning Automatic Shotguns . . . some nights upto 6 foxes a night.

    Comment by Steam Lover | January 24, 2013 | Reply

    • London and many other UK cities are riddled with the vermin. And the councils will do nothing about it.

      Some have been known to trap urban foxes and release them in the country. They starve, as they haven’t any hunting instinct. One was begging by my farmer friend’s tractor, as he eat his lunch, whilst taking a break from ploughing.

      Comment by AnonW | January 24, 2013 | Reply

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