The Anonymous Widower

The Lady In High Heels

As I walked along the travelator to the Jubilee Line, I was passed by a lady walking fast in the space between the two moving walkways.

She was striking from behind in a short leather skirt and very high heels. Almost as if to show herself off, she was carrying her lightweight coat over her arm.

It got me thinking about C; my late wife.

In the 1960s, she wore skirts, as short as any girl does today, but she never ever wore heels higher than four or five centimetres or so!

She even got married to me in flat shoes!

But she did show herself off and would deliberately click her heels as perhaps she walked between tables in a high class restaurant. I remember her doing this in a Michelin-starred restaurant in London and when I told her how all the mainly-male diners had followed her with their eyes, she was obviously pleased.

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My Poor Boots

I took this picture when I got home yesterday.

My Poor Boots

My Poor Boots

The sand from the walk on the beach just doesn’t seem to drop off!

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How To Get Your Own Back At The Devil

This story from the Standard about two brothers, Bob and Paul Forkan, who were orphaned by the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, have fought back from adversity, by starting a company making flip-flops called Gandys.

So don’t ever give up! You’ll only encourage her!

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The Bags Are Working

I’m going somewhere a bit smarter this afternoon, so I got out an old but good pair of shoes.  The bags I purchased at about a pound each, had kept them immaculate since I last wore them.

It may be an odd idea to bag them individually, but it certainly works!


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Looking After My Shoes

Keeping shoes clean between wearing is difficult in this house, as for some reason they get dusty, if left in a drawer. So I bought these bags from the Clever Baggers.

At just £0.89 each, I can’t complain.



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Fox Attacks Nanny’s Ugg Boots

This story from the Standard shows how confused the urban fox is these days.

Remember that foxes are not native to Australia, although they have been introduced, and I actually saw one in the middle of nowhere at Goondiwindi.

So the boots being Australian didn’t know how to protect themselves and give the poor animal a good kicking.

It’s about time we got real about foxes and realised that they are dangerous vermin.

Basil Brush has a lot to answer for!


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A Pharmacy With Young Assistants Wearing High Heels?

When I first went to Liverpool, the local girls were always described as totties. So this pharmacy caught my eye in Charlton!

A Pharmacy With Young Assistants Wearing High Heels?

A Pharmacy With Young Assistants Wearing High Heels?

The explanation at the time for tottie, was that the girls always tottered on very high heels.

I suppose now, they’d be called supertotties, as the heels are so much higher.

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It’s Not April The First

This story shown here in the Daily Mail first caught my eye in the Sunday Times, so I suspect it’s serious. But it does have the touch of the April Fool about it.

On the other hand, there must be lots of other professions like shop assistants, receptionists or pharmacists, where some women choose to wear high-heels.  I’ve also known a few short ladies, who wear heels virtually all the time. I also had a lady dentist who always wore very high heels, but that was only with the old-fashioned dental chairs.

So perhaps the best solution would be to ban women from wearing them except in the comfort of their own home!

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How Slovenly!

As BBC Breakfast cut to the local news, you could just see Louise Minchin kicking her shoes off. I wonder what the style police, that insist all women on the show wear stilettos, will say later.

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Are Plimsoles On The Way Back?

At school in the 1950s we are wore plimsoles for gym.  Just like these.

Are Plimsoles On The Way Back?

Except that ours were black and sometimes they had laces. I took the picture on the way back from Blockley.  The feet actually belonged to a young lady from Poland, who gave permission for the picture to be taken.

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