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A Friend’s Favourite Food

One of my friends loves sausages.  In fact, rumour or should I say their sister says, they would eat nothing else as a child.

Yesterday, when I went to the Empress of India, I visited the butcher, called The Ginger Pig, opposite and bought some gluten-free sausages. I had them for supper tonight.

Sausages For Supper

Sausages For Supper

They were excellent. I did save a couple to make a sausage sandwich to play along with Danny Baker on Saturday morning.

They are actually from Yorkshire.  But as a Suffolk man, who loves his Newmarket sausage, I’ll forgive them that, as they were very good sausages.

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Fox Attacks Nanny’s Ugg Boots

This story from the Standard shows how confused the urban fox is these days.

Remember that foxes are not native to Australia, although they have been introduced, and I actually saw one in the middle of nowhere at Goondiwindi.

So the boots being Australian didn’t know how to protect themselves and give the poor animal a good kicking.

It’s about time we got real about foxes and realised that they are dangerous vermin.

Basil Brush has a lot to answer for!


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Step Free In Name, But Not Spirit!

Transport for London is rather proud of the work it has done at Green Park station, judging by this page on their web site. Here’s a key section.

The £48m project to provide step-free facilities at Green Park Tube station has been completed ahead of schedule and under budget by Tube Lines and London Underground.

Passengers with restricted mobility, as well as people with heavy luggage or buggies, are now able to use the new lifts at Green Park Tube station to access the Piccadilly, Victoria and Jubilee line platforms.

Other work includes new flooring, ceiling, lighting, tiling and signage in the ticket hall plus new entrances and lift lobbies.

In common with I suspect many others, I rarely if ever use the station as an interchange, as to get from one line to another means a long walk underground.

I do use it though, if I want to come home from the western reaches of the Piccadilly line, as the stop for my local 38 bus is just outside the station and at most times of the day, the upstairs of these buses isn’t full. I’d far rather use an uncrowded bus, than play sardines on the Underground.

So today, as I was coming home, I decided to check out the step-free access at this important station. I arrived on the Jubilee line and wanted to use the lift to get to the surface. I found the lift easily enough on a cross tunnel between the two Jubilee line platforms. I didn’t wait long and the lift whisked me and an elderly couple up to the next level.

To get to the exit, you have to walk miles to the lifts that connect you to the booking hall. So the design fault, that I always hated about this station, is still there. My fellow passengers at this point gave up, as the lady was walking with a single crutch and returned to the Jubilee line platforms.

I walked on and eventually arrived in the newly redecorated booking hall, after coming up two levels. I mentioned to station staff, that this couple were a bit lost and one said he’d check them out on the CCTV. So at least the staff know about the problems down below.

I crossed to the north side of Piccadilly and then walked up the steps to get my 38 bus. The lift is on the south side, which is only useful if I want to catch a bus to the west, which would be unlikely in my case, because of where I live.

It may have all cost £48million, but I do think, the money for the lifts could have been better spent. Perhaps even elsewhere!

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The Doors Are Open Again

I came home on a New Bus for London and was pleased to see the back doors were open.

The Doors Are Open Again

The Doors Are Open Again

The driver/conductor told me, they’d only been shut because of the cold.

This picture also shows one of the nicest feature of the new buses.  It has a vertical handrail in the middle of the open platform to hang on to as you enter or exit. It’s just in the correct place for those of all heights.

Some older buses used to have such a handle like this in the middle of the front entrance, but although it was convenient for some passengers, it got in the way of those in wheelchairs or with kids in buggies.

but of course on a New Bus for London, wheelchairs and buggies would never use the rear platform.

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Graffiti On The London Overground

The trains in the United Kingdom, don’t often seem to get the awfully boring paint jobs, that you see in many other countries, so I was surprised this morning to this train at Highbury and Islington station.

Graffiti On The London Overground

i hope this isn’t an advance warning of more to come.

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Breakfast At Leon

I left home to do some photography without having any breakfast, so in the end I went to Leon in the depths of Canary Wharf to have one of their poached egg pots and a cup of tea.

A Proper Mug Of Tea

A Proper Mug Of Tea

How often have you had tea in a fast food restaurant in a proper china mug, that was virtually full-up? Especially, when the two items cost just £3.75 together. I took a picture of the poached egg pot in this post.

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The Fountains Are Going Strong

As I passed through Victoria Park on the bus this morning, the fountains were alive with the joys of winter.

I didn’t take a picture then, as I was rather surprised to see them, but I did at Canary Wharf.

The Fountains At Canary Wharf

The Fountains At Canary Wharf

You’d think in this very cold weather, they’d be switched off.

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Palm Trees In The Snow

I should have taken this picture of the palm trees in Hackney, a couple of days ago, before the snow started to melt.

Palm Trees In The Snow

Palm Trees In The Snow

Although, it’s cold January day, the flowers are already out.

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Goats Cheese Closes Tunnel

This story from Norway, could almost be read as a classic spoof, like London bus found on the Moon from the Daily Sport. This is the first three paragraphs.

A road tunnel in Norway has been closed – by a lorry-load of burning cheese.

About 27 tonnes of caramelised brown goat cheese – a delicacy known as Brunost – caught light as it was being driven through the Brattli Tunnel at Tysfjord, northern Norway, last week.

The fire raged for five days and smouldering toxic gases were slowing the recovery operation, officials said.

I wonder if Waitrose stocks this cheese? Brunost sounds so dangerous, that it could be used as a substitute for Semtex.

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Should We Have An In/Out Referendum On Europe?

Years ago in 1975, I voted to stay in Europe, in Harold Wilson’s referendum. It was the first time I’d ever voted in any political election.

I look upon our membership of the European Union, with the mind of a Control Engineer.  Two things should be born in mind.

Uncertainty is one of the most difficult things, when it comes to making a system stable.  And I think, we’d all like stable lives.

Trying to take a system through a discontinuity is dangerous!  I use the example of riding a bicycle up and down a kerb.  Or if you don’t ride one, how about driving a car over a sleeping policeman.

For me, the best way to control anything is lots of little actions applied regularly and often.

Look at the serious discontinuities, the world has experienced in the last few years, like the attacks of September 11, 2001 or the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers. Our reaction was strong and as a control engineer, I think it could have been far too strong.  We just panicked and made things worse.

The referendum on Europe would be a major step-change for us all to pass through, with many in favour and many against. Just the holding of the referendum might have either a lot of large positive or negative effects.

Let’s face it Europe has a lot of problems.  Some like the budget and the non-sign-off of accounts are large problems in politicians of the out tendency, but they are the sort of problems, that in any large organisation, can generally be solved by hard negotiation.

One thing, that politicians seem to have ignored is the world in 2018, will be a very different place to that today. There is so much uncertainty!

The only good thing, is that a lot of that uncertainty will result in positive results for Britain, Europe and the whole planet.

Think about these issues before deciding on whether we should have a referendum.

1. Suppose Obama is replaced in 2016, by a very unacceptable president, who makes Mormon Mitt look like a liberal.

2. Will Scotland still be in the United Kingdom?

3. Will France be an economic powerhouse?

4. Will the banks still do all their traditional functions?

5. Wind turbines and nuclear power.

6. Airports and trains.

7. Where will the next big war be?

There is a lot of uncertainty, is the only thing you can say. And all  David Cameron is doing is increasing it!

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