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Is This A Serious Or Crazy Idea?

There has been a story today about large numbers of very large wind turbines being built in the Irish midlands and the power generated being exported to the UK. Ireland would get quite a few jobs.

I think it could be one of those schemes, that may be al right in theory and budget, but doesn’t perform as it should, when it is built. In the article on the BBC web site, there are these closing paragraphs.

Richard Tol, professor of economics at University of Sussex, said he felt that the whole scheme was “crazy” and would not work in the long term .

“From an Irish perspective this is not selling the family silver; this is giving it away. There is no money staying in Ireland that I can see.

“But from the British perspective it is a good deal,” he said.

It would appear it’s being very much imposed on the Irish people and the Irish are not stupid.

So I would be very surprised if the scheme is ever fully implemented. But then I don’t like blots on the landscape, whether I can see them or not!

If we are going to have large wind farms, in my view the best place for them is offshore.

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