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The Fyra Farce Goes Worldwide

I’ve just been notified of two articles about Fyra; the Dutch/Belgium high-speed train from Business Traveller and

I’ve also had a look on the Eurostar web site.  They’re saying this.

To travel to the Netherlands book your Eurostar to Brussels first and then your Thalys train from Brussels to Amsterdam, Schiphol or Rotterdam.

I suppose they’re only telling you what is possible.

Let’s face it London to Amsterdam is probably only a similar distance, as London to say Perth in Scotland.  I haven’t done that journey  but I know it would be one web purchase not two, as incidentally so would London to Geneva on Eurostar’s web site, changing in Paris.

It’s a complete mess and it seems to be getting worse, with little leadership or common sense being shown.

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  1. […] Anglia have shown all the conservatism and arrogance of their Dutch masters, who managed the Fyra fiasco and introduced one of Europe’s worst ticketing systems to piss off foreign […]

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