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Twenty Three Celias

I’ve now unpacked all the beer and they’re sitting on the kitchen worktop.

Twenty Three Celias

Twenty Three Celias

There was twenty four, but one got drunk.

February 1, 2013 - Posted by | Food | , ,


  1. […] my supper, I then had two 330 ml. bottles of Celia lager, to wash down the Marks and Spencer’s […]

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  2. […]  I do buy a specialist gluten-free beer called Celia over the […]

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  3. […] It’s now six years since I had a good St. Valentine’s Day. Tonight, I’ll be cooking myself a pork chop with some vegetables and watching the football.  I shall probably have a couple of Celias. […]

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  4. […] already virtually finished the twenty-four bottles I bought a couple of weeks ago and ordered some more yesterday. So at least I’m voting with my […]

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  5. […] as I only drink the odd bottle of what is best described as a properly made gluten-free beer like Celia.  Here’s the first couple of […]

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  6. […] also have Green’s gluten-free beer, but I do prefer my Celia, when it comes to beer. The cyder is better than both with […]

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