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Sainsbury’s Now Sell Celias!

I took this picture in the Angel branch of Sainsbury’s.

I only buy the odd bottle these days, as the Adnams Southwold Pale Ale 0.5%, which is available in Marks and Spencer is more to my taste.


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I Finally Buy Celias In Waitrose

They’ve been a long time coming, but today I relieved Waitrose in Islington of six Celia gluten-free lagers.

If anybody should find any Celias in an obscure Waitrose, send me a picture.

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Is My Life Going Round In A Curious Circle?

In the 1970s, my late wife; Celia and myself lived, with our then three sons, on the eleventh floor of Cromwell Tower in the Barbican.

Cromwell Tower

The shops in those days in the area were not very numerous and with the exception of the excellent market in Whitecross Street, getting everything we needed wasn’t easy. There was no supermarket, unlike today where there is a Waitrose in Whitecross Street.

So often on a Saturday, we’d take the boys up the hill to the Angel and shop in the Marks and Spencer and the Woolworths in Liverpool Road opposite the Underground station.

I’ve since found out that the Marks at the Angel is a long-established store and it may have been the one my grandmother spoke about, that she used around the time of the First World War, when she and her family lived just down from the Angel by the Regent’s Canal.

Woollies went a few years ago and much to the regrets of many of the locals is now a Waitrose.

My friends, who knew Celia, and myself often share a laugh over the fact that when I can get it, I drink a Czech gluten-free lager called Celia. A few weeks ago, I heard that the beer will be stocked in Waitrose, so I wrote to them asking where it will be stocked locally. This is an extract from their reply.

I’ve looked into this and I’m pleased to tell you that this should be available at both our Islington and Barbican branches from tomorrow.

As these are two branches, that we would have walked past together in the 1970s, long before they opened, I just can’t help thinking that life is truly strange!

Could anybody, who spots Celia lager in their local Waitrose please let me know?



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Not All Celias Are Blond

My Celia was a dark natural blonde.

Celia at New Year in Venice

Celia at New Year in Venice

And up until now all Celia gluten-free lagers were the same colour. But not any more.

A Dark Celia

A Dark Celia

This dark variety is rather good. I only ordered four from Ocado!

But that’s the problem, I can never get enough of Celia.

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My First Ocado Delivery

I finally had an Ocado delivery today.

There are a lot of bags. But then there were a lot of bottles of Celia gluten-free lager and a couple of boxes of Coke.

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Supper With Celia

I had supper in a restaurant called Švejk Restaurant U Karla, which I found by typing “gluten free restaurant Prague” into Google.

The food is traditionally Czech and I found it excellent.

I don’t think you call the Celia gluten-free lager or the gluten-free bread traditional, but it is also Czech and excellent.

The only problem with the restaurant is that due to Prague’s maps and information, I found it difficult to find. In the end I was just on the point of giving up, when I found it.

I was certainly very pleased that I persevered.

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Lunch In Vozar’s In Brixton

I went for lunch today to Vozar’s in Brixton, which is a gluten-free restaurant, that also sells Celia lager.

Note that I took the last pictures as I walked back to Brixton Underground station after the excellent lunch.

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Cooking With Celia

Some of my friends will chuckle at this.

Cooking With Celia

Cooking With Celia

I’m actually cooking the fish with beans and peas, I cook regularly.

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Twenty Three Celias

I’ve now unpacked all the beer and they’re sitting on the kitchen worktop.

Twenty Three Celias

Twenty Three Celias

There was twenty four, but one got drunk.

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My Celias Arrived Yesterday

At about ten on Wednesday morning, I ordered 24 bottles of Celia lager from DeliDevine.

Last night just as I was sitting down to my supper, there was a ring at the door and on looking out of the window there was a van from Fedex.

I opened the door and the jaunty driver put the 24 bottles inside.

I know you might get served a little quicker down the pub, but just over 24 hours to get a heavy parcel delivered, isn’t too bad in my view.

The Celia lager is very much worth drinking and I’m starting to add used bottles to my recycling box.

As it’s also available in some pubs, you can actually try before you buy, as I did a few days ago.

It’s also better than the Estrella Damm Daura, that I have to carry home from Waitrose.

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