The Anonymous Widower

Mother Knows Best

Yesterday, Slummy Mummy in The Times had two interesting thoughts courtesy of her mother.

The first was an absolute gem.

Since it’s people in towns who like badgers, we should exchange them for urban foxes.

Now that’s an idea! But it might get rid of the last few urban hedgehogs. The second was a sensible aside on the subject of horsemeat.

You’ll be glad to know that everything is shop-bought,” she says, opening the fridge door with a flourish. It is full of Findus lasagnes.

“They were on offer. I got them before they were withdrawn

I bet she’s not the only one who took advantage.

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  1. We actually have a badger living on our university campus. He seems friendly enough.
    Seriously though, a badger cull wouldn’t decrease bovine TB that impressively. If it wasn’t in a large enough area it would in fact increase it in neighbouring areas. But the idea is 70% of badgers in large areas for 16% reduction in bovine TB. So she’s welcome to our urban foxes! Perhaps that would solve the problem even more!

    Comment by studentlondon3 | February 24, 2013 | Reply

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