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Top Meerkats Like To Live Fast And Die Old

The title of this post is the same as that of an article in today’s copy of The Times.

Cambridge University researchers led by Dominic Cram, have found that the Alpha Male meerkats get all the meercrumpet, have a good life and live to an average of 4.4 years. Their subordinates have an average of 2.8 years.

I wonder if it applies to humans. Think David Attenborough, Clint Eastwood, Kirk Douglas, Bruce Forsyth, the Duke of Edinburgh and Mick Jagger.

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A Station With A Wildlife Park

Freshfields station is close to a very unusual wildlife park; the Formby Red Squirrel Walk.

I did get a brief glimpse of a baby squirrel, but I did have a good walk and will go back in the future.

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High Seats In The Forest

There are high seats in the forest from where you can observe the wild life.

Unfortunately, in my two hours in the seat, we only managed to see one rather skittish roe deer, despite it being a clear, moonlit night.

Others were more lucky and saw several wild boar and a raccoon dog.

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European Bison

These European bison were in a reserve.

There were about fifty in the herd.

The birders in the party were excited about the number of yellowhammers. I know them well, as the birds seem to like the post-and-railed fields of studs in the Newmarket area. The birds are also regularly seen in Cambridge.

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Only In Liverpool

I like this story of a grey seal that has been found in the middle of a field in St. Helens seventeen miles from the nearest coastline.

Liverpool is a city, where fun is never far from peoples’ minds.

As it contains a video of a man with a broom trying to move a large sea mammal, everyone in the city will be trying to write an appropriate joke.

When the story broke, someone high-up in Boots was on the radio and he suggested that some of their up-market trout pate would be good for the seal.


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Where Do Vets Go For Their Christmas Outing?

I’ve just been talking on-line to a vet and their practice is going to see Cats?

I’ve never seen it myself!

In fact, I don’t think I’ve been to a show this year!

I don’t like going alone, as you’ve no-one to talk about it with afterwards.

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An Excellent Use For Rats

I saw this story about rats being used for mine clearance in Mozambique first in The Times.  But here’s the report with a picture from the Mirror.

The Gambian pounched rat used for the clearance certainly looks to be a bit bigger than your average UK rat. Good luck to the charity Apopo in their work!

The bad news is that the Gambian pounched rat is not a genuine rat, so those murophobics won’t be pleased, if something goes wrong.

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Gorillas In The Cold And Rain

Even the gorillas were braving the weather.

It just shows what a lot of softies we’ve become! Although, I will admit one or two did prefer to be inside in the warm.

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Tigers Must Be Tougher Than We Are!

I popped into the Tiger Territory at the zoo and was half expecting to find that the tigers were fast asleep in the warm somewhere!

But as the pictures show, at least the male tiger; Jae Jae, was showing himself off.

But we mustn’t forget that tigers aren’t averse to water and have regularly been seen in snow in Siberia in wildlife programmes.

On the other hand, these are Sumatran tigers, more used to sun and rain than snow!

It was also rather pleasing to see that there were quite a few visitors. Many seemed to be from overseas.  I actually talked to some Germans, Ecuadorians and Chinese, who’d come to London for Christmas.

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Some Lively Colobus Monkeys

London Zoo has a group of black and white colobus monkeys.

The weather seemed to have no effect on them. Although, when I took the pictures, there does seem to be blue sky above.

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