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Is It Architecture,Engineering Or Art?

I heard good reports on the television of the rebuilt Reading station, so today, as I hadn’t anything specific to do, I decided to go to the town and have a look at the work that has been done.

I think Isambard would have been proud of what has been done, as he rarely did boring! And the new Reading station is certainly not that!

The concept of the station is very simple.  The thirty metre wide overbridge is connected to all the platforms by escalators and lifts. Then at one end there is another set of four escalators and lifts to take people to the main south entrance.

But in all my life, I’ve never seen so many people walking wide-eyed in awe around a new building or even an art gallery. One guy told me he’d come into the station specifically to photograph the building and had taken fifty pictures. Even railwaymen who’d probably seen it all, were walking around giving the new station a critical look.

There was also the teacher, who’d travelled with me from London. She was amazed at it all, especially as she had left on Thursday from the old Reading station.

Very little has been reported on the media about the design and quality of this new station.  The only news seems to be stories pointing out the fact that the handover is a few days late and there’s a bit of chaos. None of the stories mention, that the project will be completed a year ahead of the original plan.

I do wonder if Reading is the shape of stations to come.

The wide overbridge concept is used in a similar, but smaller and less dramatic form at Leeds and Derby, but how many other stations could benefit from this type of design?

In the pictures, you’ll see some of Inter City 125 trains, that are used on all services from London to the West and Wales.  They are genuine high speed trains capable of 200 kph, ride as smooth as silk and they are now forty years old. I doubt they’ll all ever be retired, as for running through the Highlands of Scotland and from Bristol to Cornwall, where electrification is virtually impossible, there is no other fast train, that can handle the route.

So at last, these trains have got a modern station, to complement their design.

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  2. Railways . . . a Second Comming . . . the Travel of the Future : NOW.

    No long Queques at Check Ins, No parking or getting to Airport problems.

    Time to Enjoy a Trip, Talk, Eat, Read & a Pace of Travel – Nice ‘n Easy.

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