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Ed Miliband Says He’ll Switch The Lights Off

Well not directly, but he has just said on BBC Breakfast, that he will break the link between power generation and distribution and bring in a tough new regulator to force prices down, when wholesale prices come down.

It’s all motherhood and apple pie, and might appeal to voters, but it would have the effect of stopping major power companies investing in the generating capacity we need.

So the lights will inevitably go out!

The only way to avoid building generating capacity is to find ways to insulate our poor housing stock and force consumers to actually do it!

But then the British public is addicted to using as much energy as possible.

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  1. Power Prices are always on the way up : “You can’t Win” :
    1. When privatised Power Suppliers in Oz, went mad with New wires & poles and raised prices to consumers.
    2. With Climate Changes . . . users used less power, so raised prices to cover lost earnings.
    3. With Carbon Tax . . . pocket Govt support [into profit], and charge customers extra to pay Carbon Tax . . .
    4. More Customers using Solar . . . Charge Customers extra to pay for lost income.
    5. Use renewable wind power . . . charge customers for extras [lost generating income].
    6. Oz Grid . . . buy cheapest power . . . Prices all raised high.

    Comment by Steam Lover | April 26, 2013 | Reply

  2. you can’t win! This house is well insulated with big windows. When the sun is out, even on a very cold day, the heating can be switched off. But yesterday, whilst I was out the temperature rose to 26.9 degrees, so I had to switch the air-con on when I came in.

    Comment by AnonW | April 26, 2013 | Reply

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